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Car Control

Car Control, Developed by ITQAN for Smart Solutions @2013

Ahmed Fahmy

on 22 August 2013

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Transcript of Car Control

ITQAN for Smart Solutions (S.A.E.) is an end-to-end Information and Communication Technology company based in Alexandria, Egypt. ITQAN was recently established by a group of IT professionals with 15+ years of experience and a generation of talented IT geeks.

To gain the best of both worlds, ITQAN has carefully evolved a successful and powerful project execution methodology that depends on rich experiences of its staff members coupled with industry Best Practices and Top Edge technologies to ensure delivery of projects on-time, on-budget, and to customer satisfaction.

ITQAN Products & Services
ITQAN provides ready-made and tailored systems. Our services include ICT Consulting, providing Software as a Service (SaaS) based solutions, Networking Design & Implementation, Network Security Configuration, Training, Technical Support and Soft Skills Coaching.

ITQAN products vary from Windows-Based & Web-Based information systems to Smart Phone Applications, Website Development, and Web Hosting.

On the other hand, ITQAN provides Electronic Systems and Automatic Control Solutions including Smart Home management, Electronic Devices Design and Circuits implementation.

About Car Control
Car Control is a web-based system that manages cars showrooms and warehouses in the simplest form.

Car Control lets you manage your warehouses, store areas, showrooms, sales force and monitor your income. It records purchases and sales as well, provide immediate information about the company financial position.

Car Control makes you know your sales force’s actual activity and best selling cars through years and years.

Car Control records the transfer of a car from a branch/showroom to another, or even to and from your peer vendors.

Car Control monitors the commercial numbers plates and manages their rental to your clients and/or external showrooms.

Car Control keeps tracking of your clients’ data, their purchases, remind you of their installments and lets you better serve them by reserving their cars even before you receive it in stock.

Car Control even enables you to track the customs release and legal documents of imported cars and attach them to cars’ data into your data base.

Master Data Module
Car Control lets you manage your important data, your cars, models and specification, your suppliers, clients, warehouses and showrooms …etc.

Master data is initially fed to the system only once, then you only reuse and select from this data while performing your daily tasks.

Car Control lets you feed the system with salesmen data as well, so that afterwards, sales transactions are carried out in their names.

Registering Incoming Cars
All cars that are received whether from new shipments or locally are registered to the system through this module.

You just select the vendor, the car model, and add the total number of newly received cars. If you know the Chasset no. and Motor no. enter its details, if not just enter the count of cars and things will work out.

If the Customs release papers are available, you can simply attach it.
Cars Transfer
Using Car Control, you can check the availability of any car of any color and with any option in your stores, warehouses or showrooms.

At any time, you can transfer cars between showrooms with complete follow up and confirmation that it reached the receiving showroom.

The transfer transaction updates the balance of cars at the sending & the receiving showrooms at the same time.

Car Reservations & Sales
The car control system allows you to reserve a car for your customer whether this car is in stock or even not yet in stock.

You can reserve a specific car (by its chasset and motor no.) or just a car of a certain model and color and options.
Once a car is reserved on the system nobody else can reserve it.

Upon reservation, the salesman name is stored as well as the customer data. A car can be reserved from a showroom while it’s physically found in another showroom.

Reservation is done against down payment amount which is to be saved with the reservation data. Car price is entered at the moment of reservation or direct sale.

Sales can be done on reserved cars to finalize selling it to its customer or directly on new cars.

Salesmen Performance
Using the Car Control you will be able to monitor the performance of the salesmen team and know the exact amount of sales done by each one of them.

The performance is displayed in a graphical chart.

Salesmen performance is measured during a period of a month, a year or even specific period.

You can also monitor the performance of a single salesman or all your team all together.
Clients Installments
While saving the client’s data on selling the car, you will also be able to set the payment method, and state if it’s cash or through installments, if it’s done through installments, you will be guided to add the installments frequency, amount and any other details.

Car Control will track the client’s installments and keep record of settled amounts and outstanding amounts.

For more inquires about Car Control, to schedule a live demo, or place a request for quotation, pls. don't hesitate to contact ITQAN for Smart Solutions at the following:

ITQAN for Smart Solutions
Gehaz Markazy Bldg., Off Ismail Serry St.
Smouha, Alexandria
Tel/Fax: +2034241482
Cell: +201098952101
E-Mail: info@it-qan.com
Website: www.it-qan.com
Follow us: Facebook , Twitter , LinkedIn

Thank You for your attention !!
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