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Smart Boards

Background information on Smart Boards, basics on how to use them, examples of how to use them in the classroom, research findings, and cost.

Kristin Lindbergh

on 10 July 2010

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Transcript of Smart Boards

Background Information Basic How-to's Classroom Use Examples Research Findings Cost The SMART Board was created by David Martin, Exec. Chairman, and Nancy Knowlton, CEO, of SMART Technologies, in 1991.
It was the first interactive whiteboard to provide touch control of computer applications and annotations over standard Microsoft Windows applications. Educators were the first to take an interest in SMART's interactive whiteboard. You can go to http://www.smarttech.com/us/Resources/Training to watch training videos on how to use the SMART Board. You can choose to either go to an training session in person, or you can choose one of the online training sessions SMART Technolgies offers. All you have to do is register for the training session that you want to attend. Here are a selection of websites that offer ideas, interactive games and lessons on a variety of topics for you to use in the classroom. http://eduscapes.com/sessions/smartboard/ http://smartboards.typepad.com/smartboard/games_for_smart_boards/ http://www.scholastic.com/interactivewhiteboards/ http://docs.google.com/present/view?id=dhn2vcv5_106c9fm8j On the SMART Technologies webiste, they offer a page with links to studies they have conducted on the usage of SMART Boards, and also studies performed by other third parties. http://smarttech.com/us/Resources/Research+and+data SMART Boards cost between $3000 and $5000. This includes: SMART Board, LCD Projector, PC or MAC Computer, and Projector Light Bulb Nanyc Knowlton, CEO of SMART Technologies, gives a few suggestions about how to pay for SMART Boards, or other technology products, if money is an issue. Let your community know about your need for technology products. They may help by donating funds. Simply ask companies if they would consider donating the technology. Offer to have your school be a showcase school for the technology products. Ask to have gently-used technology donated to your school. Multiple payments over time. Apply for a grant. SMART Boards www.smarttech.com www.scholastic.com http://smartboards.typepad.com/smartboard/ Images were obtained through Google Images
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