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Fahrenheit 451:

No description

Belicia Amacker

on 24 November 2014

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Transcript of Fahrenheit 451:

Fahrenheit 451:
Burning Bright

Study Guide Questions and Answers
1. Who called the fire alarm about Montag?
Mildred and her friends
2. Explain Beatty's feelings about the purpose of fire. Do you agree? Why or Why not?

Beatty feels that the purpose of fire is that it destroys responsibility and consequences. I disagree with this statement because fire is just not destruction , its also for warmth.
3. What objects does Montag burn first? Why do you think he chooses to begin with these items?

Bedroom and Cosmetics; wants to change everything, that showed that he had lived there in the empty house with a strange woman who would forget him easily.
4. How does Beatty dicover Montag's green bullet?

Beatty notices that montag hesitates and is tilting his head listening to something.

5. What happens to Beatty? What does Montag realize when running from the scene?

Beatty is burned; that he killed someone
6. What keeps holding Montag back as he tries to run from the scene of the fire?

The books; His paralized leg
7. To where is Montag instinctively running? Why?

To Faber house. Because it is a piece where he might refuel his fast draining belief in his own ability to survive and to "know that there was a man like Faber in the world."
8. What does Montag hear coming from the seashell radio?

The police report about himself.
9. Who tries to run Montag over? What does this reveal about this society?

A car full of teenagers. This reveals that the society's morals are skewed, since they find it fun to run over people, even while their very own lives are in danger
10. Why does Montag hide the books in Mrs. Black's house?

He wants to frame firemen black.

11. To where does Faber tell Montag to go? Why? Where do Faber and Montag agree to meet again?

Follow the old railroad tracks out of town. To look for camps of homeless intellectuals because Montag can wait thee until the commotion calms down and is safer for him. They agree to meet at St. Louis again.
12. Why does Montag want Faber to turn on the air conditioning and sprinklers?

To purge Faber's house of Montag's scent so the hound would not be led there.
13. What community effort do the Parlor Walls incite?

Get the community to open their doors and search for Montag before he gets to the river.
14. Why does Montag douse himself with liquor ?

To mask his scent and is accidentally ignited.

15. What does Montag believe is a sign the world welcomes him now?
The girls left an apple, pear, and milk.
16. How does Montag view fire differently now?
He realizes it is not destroying but warming.
17. Why does the search for Montag veer inland, away from the river?

They lost his scent, so they look forr an unsuspecting scapegoat so that the public doesn't think montag got away.
18. How do the police finally catch "Montag"?

They don't really catch Montag. They caught an innocent man that they claim is montag and kill him.
19. Who is Granger? According to Granger, why do they still burn books?

The leader of the,"Book People", so they won't get caught and ruin their plans.
20. What is the most important rule everyone must remember, according to Granger?
No one is important; they are all nothing
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