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CELDT Presentation

Data Meeting with Students

Claudia Murillo

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of CELDT Presentation

CELDT Informative Session Why am I here?
In California, if you speak another language, besides English, you are an English Language Learner (ELL) and must take the CELDT which stands for CALIFORNIA ENGLISH LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT TEST until you become proficient in Academic English:
Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking
Because there is a correlation between all the exams you take, the CELDT, CST, CAHSEE, SAT, etc... Why should I Care? Multiple Career Paths What does this mean?
You must take the CELDT every year until you become PROFICIENT in Academic English.
You don’t have to take this test every year if you test out of it.
When you become PROFICIENT in Academic English you are “Reclassified” as Fluent English Proficient. (RFEP)

Once you become PROFICIENT in Academic English you DO NOT have to take CELDT. 5 Levels for Overall Score
Check out your overall score on your report…
Where are you?
Level C1 Beginning
Level C2 Early Intermediate
Level C3 Intermediate
Level C4 Early Advanced
Level C5 Advanced What is Academic English?
You are probably thinking, “I already speak English” and that’s probably what you speak most of the time.
The truth is that in order to be successful in school, high school, college, and in any career, we must have a sophisticated vocabulary, people will take you more seriously.
There is difference between casual and formal language and we all need to know how and when to use certain words. Separate whole into parts and describe relationships & patterns among the parts
When we break it down into these areas, we can see that…,
The parts are related in the following ways:…
Let’s see how the pieces fit together to make…
Each component plays a key role.
First…; We can describe it as…,
It’s important traits are… Analyze What do I need to do to become
PROFICIENT in Academic English? Score Early Advanced or Advanced on CELDT.
Score 300 points on the CST (you know, the test we take in May).
Get good grades of “C” or better.
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