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May the force be with you!

No description

Raven Callahan

on 29 May 2015

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Transcript of May the force be with you!

Air Resistance

Balanced forces

May the force be with you!
by:raven callahan :)

The soldiers used air resistance to jump out of the plane to get a bomb to kill the other monster.
When the the dinosaur use force to break the gate to run after Alan Grant and Erik Kirby and everyone else.
The crawler used inertia to attached to John Hurt's face and wouldn't come off.
When Peter Parker use balanced forces to swig through the buildings and through New York.
When the walls and floors friction while Arthur was fighting a bad guy.
When Jake Sully used velocity to learn how to fly on the mountain banshee.
When the terminator used acceleration to jump off the bridge.
When Wall-e used gravity to stay attach to the ship while touching the ring of trash that was glowing.
When Neo was getting shot at and he dodge the bullets.
constant speed
When darth vader used constant speed to cut off luke's Skywalker's hand off.
negative acceleration
When the people where falling out the plane and iron man saved them.
instantaneous speed
When superman instantaneously went 10 times faster while flying.
Newtons Second law of motion
When Hal Jordan used newtons second law of motion to turn on his ring by pressing it on the lantern.
When quicksliver used centripetal force to run around on the walls.
centripetal force

projectile motion
sliding friction
When the building was falking down and sam was sliding down it with his girlfriend.
year: 2014
static friction
When Captain America used static friction to prevent his self from hitting one of the bad peoples cars.
year: 2013
unbalanced forces
When both of Loki's and Thor forces made a unbalanced force.
Definition: Force that opposes the motion of objects that move's through the air.
Definition: Resistance of an object to a change in its motion.
Definition: A push or pull exerted an object.
Definition: Forces on a object that combine to give a zero net force and don't change the motion of the object.
Definition: A force that opposes the sliding motion between object that are in contact.
Definition: The speed and direction of a moving object.
Definition: Increase in the rate of speed of something.
Definition: Attractive force between two objects that depends on the masses of the objects and the distance between them.
Definition: A form of motion in which an object or particle is thrown near the earth's surface.
Definition: In an experiment a variable that doesn't change when other variables change,
Definition: The binary opposite to positive acceleration where a situation which should change the rate of development of variable decreases as a repetitive practice.
Definition: Speed of an object at a given point in time.
Definition: The acceleration of an object is in the same direction as the net force on the object.
Definition: Frictional force that opposes the motion of two surfaces sliding past each other.
Definition: Frictional force that opposes the motion of two surfaces sliding past each other.
Definition: A net force that is directed toward the center of a curved or circular path.
Definition: Forces that combine to produce a net force that is not equal to zero and cause the velocity of an object o change.
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