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Leonard Bernstein

No description

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of Leonard Bernstein

Big Break
November 14, 1943 Bernstein receives huge break
Recently became assistant conductor of New York's Philharmonic Orchestra
Awesome performance= Instant fame
Then traveled the world guest conducting
Happy Wife Happy Life
Attended Boston Latin School,
his lifelong mentor--Helen Coates
later became his secretary
Went on to study music at Harvard University (1939)
Enrolled at the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia
Did not enjoy the the formal training
Moved to New York in 1940
Bernstein's Childhood
Greatest Works
Trouble in Tahiti, 1952
Candide, 1956
On The Town, 1944
Wonderful Town, 1953
West Side Story, 1957
Jeremiah, 1942
The Age of Anxiety, 1949
Kaddish, 1963
Samuel Joseph
Early Life
The Big Apple
He took jobs w/ a music publisher, transcribing music or producing arrangements under the pseudonym Lenny Amber
the German meaning of his name in English
Bernstein enjoyed an exuberant social life
included relationships with both men and women
In 1940, Bernstein began his study at the Boston Symphony Orchestra's summer institute, Tanglewood
Married in 1951 to Costa Rican actress Felicia Montealegre
Three Children
Jamie Anne
Alexander Serge
Nina Maria Felicia
Loved his family and wife very much
Leonard Bernstein

Julie Jansen

..........Or not.
Numerous rumors flurried about Bernstein's sexuality
Some suggest he married to suppress the talk
*It was only the 1950's...
However, he absolutely loved Felicia
Felicia wrote a letter to Bernstein around '51 or '52 stating her undying love for him but also confessed her knowledge of his sexuality
Many relatives and friends have reported their knowing about Leonard's extramarital liaisons with young men
Born Louis Bernstein
August 25, 1918
Lawerence, Mass.
Parents: Samuel Joseph & Jennie
Ukrainian Jewish
Everyone called him Leonard
Bernstein's father initially opposed his sons interest in music
Received hand-me-down piano from cousin
Played Beethoven symphonies with his youngest sister Shirley
.....Or not
Finally the couple separated in 1976
Felicia allegedly caught Bernstein with lover Tom Cothran
She was quite a furious woman upon encountering the two
Lenny and Tom moved from L.A. to a flat in New York
Felicia soon after discovered she had lung cancer
Bernstein begged to move back with her
took care of her until death in 1978
Left-winged Life
Part of several societies and organizations
Communist party
Black Listed by the U.S.
Raised funds for The Black Panther Party
Late Work
Conducted for award winning musical, West Side Story (1985)
1989 he conducted Beethoven's symphony no. 9
honor of his 200th birthday
Began suffering from lung disease in 1990
He announced his retirement from conducting on Oct 9, 1990
Died Oct. 14, 1990
heavy smoker
burried next to his wife in Manhattan

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