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Tattoo Stereotypes

No description

Becky Celorio

on 14 February 2013

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Transcript of Tattoo Stereotypes

Survey Results Using obsurvey.com, we polled 54 people, most of which were between the ages of 17 and 22 on their opinions about tattoos. History
Tattoos Statistics Society's Outlook & Possible Reasons Why Breaking the Stereotype According to the Chicago Tribune, the following all had tattoos:
Winston Churchill
Representative Allen West of Florida
Representative Mary Bono Mack of California
Senator Jim Webb of Virginia
Representative Dan Boren of Oklahoma
President Theodore Roosevelt
Czech Presidential Nominee Vladimir Franz Medea Giordano and Becky Celorio Society and Body Art 3300 B.C.-1960 The famous ice man who died in the alps had the oldest known tattoos 3300 B.C. 1769 Japan- Tattoos are used only to punish criminals, making them undesirable until the 17th century Explorers use the polynesian term "tatau" meaning "to strike" after seeing natives of Tahiti and New Zealand. 720 Samuel O'Reilly invents the first electric tattoo machine 1891 NYC- Tattoos are temporarily banned in fear of spreading hepatitis B 1961 U.S residents annually spend about $1.65 billion on tattoos
At least 14% of all Americans have at least one tattoo.
about 36% of people 18-25 have at least one
about 40% of people 26-40 have at least one.
That's about 45 million people with tattoos. People with tattoos are in gangs- some gangs do have tattoos that they all get, but that does not mean everyone with a tattoo is in a gang People with tattoos waste money- depending on the tattoo, they can be expensive. A full sleeve can cost over $2,000, but you don't know a person's income just by looking at them. People with tattoos are unprofessional- there are many politicians, doctors and other successful people in the world today with tattoos
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