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Importance of Writing

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Christina Beckwith

on 2 December 2014

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Transcript of Importance of Writing

Christina Beckwith
The journey of Blazier Block
I have learned from creating a writer's notebook, exactly how important writing can be. Free writing is a great way to express yourself as well as for the teacher to get to know the students on a more personal level as well as on an academic level depending on their skill in writing.
Importance of Writing

This quote is so powerful to me because as teachers we are creating the next generation, and at the same time they are molding our current generation. We change their lives as much as they change ours. Together, teachers and students are the world.
"You can change your life, and together we can change the world" -To Teach: the journey, in comics
I have learned how to phrase things and how the tone of my voice can effect how students react. I have seen and learned how getting down to a students level and using a soft voice and friendly body language is more effective than just reacting to a situation. Sometimes using "teacher power" isn't beneficial at all, but actually makes the situation worse.
Classroom Management

I have seen how assessments aren't always the results of what the child has actually learned. In a lot of cases students are great readers and writers but freeze up on tests. They could just have no interest in the topic being graded which results on poorer comprehension and writing. Students tend to perform better when they have interest or connection to something.
Assessments aren't always the example of what students have learned.
Learning should be fun. Find things that students can interact with and enjoy and the teaching/learning experience will be the most pleasant.
Time Management
Doing lesson plans, I have noticed how important time management is. Students have so much to share but there just isn't enough time. Learning about how they can effectively share their experiences through writing makes it more time efficient on the teacher, plus the student is getting to share something they were already interested in sharing.
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