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Educational Leadership Platform

No description

Courtney Huff

on 21 March 2011

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Transcript of Educational Leadership Platform

Educational Leadership Platform:
An Aspiring Principal's Perspective Meet Courtney Huff 9th year in education field Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Ed Master's Degree - certified Reading Specialist Ed. Specialist Degree - Educational Leadership 4th grade teacher Literacy Consultant Intervention Specialist Mommy of a baby girl, wife of an engineer Philosophy of Education "For the first time in our history, our security, our prosperity, and the health of our nation depend upon our ability to unfold the full creative potential of every child." - Jamie Vollmer, Schools Cannot Do It Alone I believe... One of the most important jobs in our society is to educate students and their families. Learning is lifelong and never-ending. We need to create thinkers, leaders, and highly-skilled workers in order to have a thriving society. Philosophy of Leadership Moral Purpose Commitment to Change Building networks Accountability Deep Learning Short and long term results Cyclical Energizing Levering Leadership I will... Ensure all students will learn. Treat everyone with respect. Create a safe, healthy learning environment. I will... celebrate successes - small and large create a community of learning to embrace changes learn from others promote PLCS Use the power of networking Take a balanced approach Self Evaluations observations and evaluations I will... I will... Understand the importance of "failing intelligently" Use data to monitor progress on all levels Create a culture of inquiry with school community I will... Have a vision and mission Create SMART goals/objectives I will... Work smarter Sustain positive momentum I will... Create leaders I will... Vision of Learners "The only source of knowledge is experience." - Albert Einstein Children learn... through a variety of experiences at different rates when creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking are key components in schools "If we are serious about preparing all children to succeed in the 21st century, then our schools must change. We can't keep doing the same thing we've always done and expect to get a different result. The time has come to replace the rigid selecting and sorting process with a flexible approach to teaching and learning that is designed to produce one result: student success." - Jamie Vollmer, Schools Cannot Do It Alone Leading by Example.... Model best practices for students and staff provide ongoing, deliberate practice Vision for Teachers Teachers need time to answer and reflect on these questions: "Don't tell me you believe all kids can learn...tell me what you're doing about the kids who aren't learning." - Richard DuFour What exactly do we expect students to learn? How will we know if they learned it? How will we respond when some students don't learn? How will we respond when some students have already learned? Supporting Teachers Create sufficient time for collaboration Provide effective feedback and monitoring for teachers Professional Learning "Compelling evidence suggests that teachers, school leaders, and students are much better served when professional learning is focused on the deep and consistent implementation of a few things." - Douglas Reeves Provide focused, not frantic learning transform visions into realities Practice learning again and again Focus on Leadership As a leader...I will ask myself: Are the teaching practices, curriculum, and assessment strategies we are using working to improve student learning? Are the learning targets clear and assessments an accurate picture of what students know? How can I create more teacher leaders? Vision for a school Implement teamwork, technology, and thinking in the daily practices in the core subject areas Create an environment that is positive, safe, and welcoming to the community I will... Showcase evidence of student achievement through a variety of measures I will remember.... to maximize learning for all students and staff the process of improving teaching and learning is never-ending Never lose sight of the vision
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