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Fuel cells

No description

Wally Lukachinsky

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Fuel cells

Cut Down on Fossil Fuel Usage.
Hydro Power is a Renewable Resource 2H2+O2>2H2O Greatly impacted us, it shows us how even hydro powered cars can be a very nice car that also looks after the environment. When the cars use the hyrdogen fuel cells steam is released instead of harmful fossil fuels. The catalysis in this reaction is the heat added in order to use the hydrogen for fuel purposes HYDROGEN FUEL CELLS A Catalysis is something that speeds up a chemical reaction. It is necessary to balance a chemical equation to show how many atoms of a certain element are in the equation so when performing experiments you can achieve youe accurate goal. Cars are modern and aren't embarrassing to be in unlike some environmental friendly vehicles. There are 4 atoms of hydrogen and 2 atoms of oxygen. This forms 2 molecules of water.
After the hydrogen fuel cells are used to fuel the car steam in released. In typical cars the exhaust is carbon monoxide or CO which is extremely harmful to our atmosphere. Hydro fueled cars are just starting to take off especially in Europen countries like Germany who are currently trying to make more modern cars so they appeal more to society. Environmentally friendly vehicles are the start of our bright new future trying to maintain the beauty of our planet. Sources
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