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Week 25 DI - 8th Grade Verb Moods

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DelRae Holt

on 19 February 2018

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Transcript of Week 25 DI - 8th Grade Verb Moods

Week 25 DI
8th Grade

Indicative Mood
Used in requests and commands.
Also fairly common.
Imperative Mood
Usually found in complex sentences.

Used in dependent clauses to express unreal conditions. The "if" clause.
Subjunctive Mood
Practice makes perfect!
Used most in statements and questions.
Most of the statements you make or read will be in the indicative mood.
Joe picks up the boxes.
He walks every day after lunch.
Does he believe in exercise?
Don't smoke in the building.
Be careful!
Look before you leap!
If I had worked, I could earn high wages.
If I should see him, I will tell him.
If I were you, I wouldn't go to the zoo.
If I study hard, I will pass the test.
If his fever continues to fall, he will recover.
These are conditional subjunctive mood because they are likely to happen.
I wish he were able to type faster.
The river flows under the bridge.
Be nice, sweet child.
Do you like the movie
The Avengers
If I were a unicorn, I would live
in the land of rainbows and ponies.
Own Examples.......

If I have enough money, I could go on vacation.
This Week in Language Arts
I am Malala: Young Reader's Edition
"Dear Miss Breed"
First Read with Vocabulary annotations & Reading Comprehension Questions
Skill: Media
Close Read with Skills Focus Annotations and 300-word writing prompt response plus two peer reviews
Grammar Skills
Transitive and Intransitive Verbs
Verbs - Perfect Tense
Verbs - Present, Past, & Future Tenses
EWP: FINAL Publish
BB Quiz - Verb Moods
Vocabulary for "Dear Miss Breed"
Grammar - Verbs: Transitive & Intransitive
Exit Ticket
Identify the verb mood in the following sentence:
Verb Moods
Finishing up with the Extended Writing Project Argumentative Essay
If you haven't turned in a first draft...
Grading the Revise and Edit
Final Publish this week!
Remember all the writing in Week 23?
Two Text Comparison Writing Prompts!!!
I will leave them open through this week (Sunday)
Used in hypothetical situations and contrary-to-fact statements. Can express doubt. Not usually used in everyday conversation.
Used in dependent clauses following verbs of wishing or requesting. The "consequence" clause.
Please jump over the fence.
Indicate = point out or show
Imperative = crucial or important
Subjunctive = contingent or possible (not a fact)
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