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Team FireFly Chicago Innovation Chase Finals 2011

Eliza Morales

on 11 November 2012

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Transcript of intrLINK

prototype http://www.wix.com/firefl6/intrlink problem statement who we are user expierence data analysis initial research 95% of students desire to study abroad
70% said the cost of studying abroad would stop them
97% considered international experience in architecture to be “important”
85% would work with a student from another country on an project
77% believed that an online service could provide a cultural exchange experience vision mission core values industry development market & research target customer personas 90% Ease and Usability
50% Simple Navigation
10% Difficulty with Login Alex Arch U competitive
edge leading provider of a global collaborative learning experience to provide architecture students with an opportunity to collaborate through cross cultural communication branding & marketing brand identity
creating a lifestyle
strategic partnerships
promotional materials competition university market building cultural awareness and respect
fostering global relationships
putting students first
sustainably innovative technology interface partnerships financials a global collaborative learning tool future growth what we do Members:
President, Yousif Yousif
VP of Marketing, Bryce Gamper
VP of Technology, Eliza Morales
Treasurer, Bianca Singleton FireFly is in the process of forming a Limited Liability Company in the state of Michigan design development The company is in the process of filing a trademark for the “intrLINK” name from the U.S. Patent and Trademark office and is also filing for a copyright for the global collaborative learning tool developed by FireFly. shares are divided evenly between members
company witholds 20% for future distribution Currently the most successful architectural firms are internationally based. The cost of study abroad programs is annually rising. More and more students are unable to afford the opportunity to have a cross cultural experience. This is causing a lack of international awareness among current and recently graduated architecture students. FireFly offers a global collaborative learning tool for students, faculty and universities through an online interface.
Currently, this tool is available through our first service launch: intrLINK, which strategically targets higher education institutions that teach architectural courses. FireFly is well positioned to take advantage of the opportunities available in the rapidly expanding market of Higher Education services through intrLINK.

higher education institutions spent $197 billion (public institutions -$126 billion, private institutions - $71)
$8.72-9.4 billion is spent on information technology segment will continue to grow as students demand expect their university or college to offer leading edge technology FireFly operates remotely on the campuses of higher education institutions offering architecture courses through their service intrLINK. The geographic areas for these campuses include:
• United States
• Italy
• China
• Germany
• Australia
• Canada target user expansion to other disciplines within universities attract 16 schools globally within the 1st year large and medium sized public and private universities with architecture degree programs or courses. They have:
An accredited degree program or similar
More than 100 students in their architecture department
Study abroad program that lacks student involvement
Do not have a study abroad program and cannot afford one
Already use online learning systems and are open to innovative new IT solutions.
An interest in new ways to attract and retain more students refine website features within 1st year The target user for the intrLINK service is an architecture student who:
Is currently enrolled in or teaching an architecture course
Has a high interest and understanding in technology
Is interested in studying abroad or furthering their global awareness
Is between the ages of 20-26, male or female
Has been through at least one year of architecture school architecture university architecture student Customer institutions view themselves as:
leaders in architecture education
technologically advanced
competitive in the higher education sector

These institutions base their purchasing decisions on:
what will attract and retain more students
what put them above their competition. Initial marketing plan to generate student interest students will compete in an international competition held through our site

The main competitors for intrLINK are current study abroad programs and classroom management services.

Other competitions includes: Wimba, black board, and social media providers Users consider themselves to be :
well educated
tech savvy.
They like to use innovative and new programs or services to give them a competitive edge in the class room and in the job market for when they graduate from the institution. They are greatly influenced by products that offer incentives or rewards. technology partnerships
CAD, SKetchup, Skype

marketing partnerships
AIA, AIAS, UIA, NAAB, NCSA creates a unique connection
incorporates feedback
strategic partnerships
convienience of remote learning
affordable alternative to study abroad
enhancement of existing s.a.p. firms having access to student projects on site Revenue Model is based upon: Cost per user of $ 45 per academic year

Projection of 20 universities utilizing our services at the end of 2012

Increase of 30 universities per year Projected income for first year: 30,000
Year 2: 207,000
Year 3: 360,000 Grants & Loan: $12,500 (Grant)
$50,000 (Loan) Term of loan: 2 year payback with a 40% interest rate Net Worth (By end of year 1): $42,741 tradeshows
email blasts
professional organization partnerships
video tutorials student competition share ideas | share cultures
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