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CCT Portfolio

No description

Rayna McDade

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of CCT Portfolio

CCT Portfolio
Business Basics
Desktop Publishing and Graphic Design
3D Design and Animation
Web-site Creation and Design
Computer Basics
Multimedia and Design
Computer Hardware
An arrangement of buttons that works as a mechanical lever or electronic switches that types words into your computer...
Hard Drive
A pointing device that functions by detecting two-dimensional motion relative to its supporting surface.
Electronic visual display for computers. Since the 1980's Computers and their monitors have been used for both data processing and entertainment.
System Unit
Inside of a System Unit is the power supply, power cables, case fan, CPU & fan, input/ output, RAM, daughter board, CD-ROM, case, hard disk drive, floppy disk drive, data cables, mother board, and battery.
Main storage media device that permanently stores all data onto the computer. Most computer hard drives are in an internal drive bay at the front of the computer and connect to the motherboard using either ATA, SCSI, or a SATA cable and power cable...
Click here to see my Business Basics
Internet Navigation
I used Internet Navigation to put these items on my Portfolio, while still learning the ways of the computer.
About me
Photo shop: Unicorn on the beach
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