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Mountain Dew: SWOT Analysis

No description

Justin Smith

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of Mountain Dew: SWOT Analysis

Mountain Dew: SWOT Analysis
Justin Smith
1. People are highly aware of the product. Reached by memorable ads, celeb endorsements (Lil' Wayne)

2. Unique taste from other sodas. Attracts more followers to the brand

3. International brand with lot of resources to grow in the markets

4. Good distribution and availability of the product throughout the world

5. Strong brand name of the parent company adds value
1. Sprite, its strongest competitor is well entrenched in the market

2. Pepsi may cut its marketing budget in the future

3. Lot of local drinks and Nimboo based brands are posing a threat

1. A lot of investment is required for branding exercises

2. Many competitors, even store brands may sell for cheaper

1. Innovate a new healthy drink with citrus fruit flavor

2. Multiple flavors already exist in foreign markets – launch them here

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