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Iittala & the French Market

No description

Beatrice Viguria

on 22 April 2015

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Transcript of Iittala & the French Market

& the French Market
Image by goodtextures: http://fav.me/d2he3r8
The brand & the company
Tools for the home divided in three categories: tableware, cookware and home interior
Glassware and glass
386,2 million € turnover
2219 employees in 2013
Iittala's products
The company believes in timeless design.

Alvar Aalto Collection premium design product, which became an international icon of the Finnish design.

With different forms, colors and sizes, costumers have a lot of choices "that gives people a sense of well being".
Alvar Aalto Collection
Iittala's segmentation

The target group is very wide.

Families and individuals with a sense of interior design, are the main target groups of Iittala's products as their products are mostly for home use.

We will concentrate on people having a certain lifestyle. They should be interested in design and open minded about new things and new trends.
Position & Channels
Iittala's competitors
The current positioning is "Progressive & Contemporary Scandinavian Design".

All the medias are used, but also exhibitions abroad, such as in Frankfurt, Paris and Milan.

Own stores in Finland, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and Japan.
France & Design: the environment
French personality
French communication style
Marketing Mix
Promotion Mix
SWOT Analysis
Our objectives
Enter the French design market
Adapt the marketing mix
Raise Iittala's brand awareness in France
Raise Iittala's recognition and support its values
Danish company
Cheaper than Ittala produced in China
It removes charm of their Scandinavian touch
130 years in Finland
Events celebration
2014 : new logo, factory stamp & brand promise
Finnish company
Women's garments & home furnishings
More modern than Iittala
Need intuition & sensibility

One of the largest global suppliers of porcelain
Collaboration with designers
Innovation & tradition
One of the international leaders of the dishes manufacturing
Industrial company producing ceramics
Their originality makes the difference
Facebook & Twitter
Kitchen utensils
TV shows about cooking
Overall a good distribution network
Glass company and crystal factory
2 news collections per year
International online website
Own shops
Personalized Silverware brand
Online shop
Developed partnerships
We can say that French are:

Structured with hierarchies


Attached & Influenced by the family

Distinguishing work and private life

Needing to become a "patron"

Attached to the quality of life

Not liking surprises

Able to adapt
According to Hofstede
Communication through medias
Other communication styles
About the Press
1 page in Le Figaro: from 100 000€ to 200 000€

About advertising displays
825 displays in Paris during 7 days with JC Decaux: 42 500€

About the Radio
30 secondes at 8:30 during a week in RTL: 6 100€

About the TV
30 secondes at 20:30 during a week in TF1: 45 700€

About the Exhibitions
Usually about 50 000€/9m2
Alvar Aalto's iconic Aalto vase
Different sizes and colors
Popular gift item
High quality
High quality
Middle to premium price
From 20€ to 300€ in Finland
Specialized boutiques
Department stores
Personal Selling
Women's magazines
Design magazines
Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram
French bloggers
Trade fairs
Scandinavian style boutiques
Public Relations
A traditional Nordic design company
Timeless and high quality
Customer knowledge
Wide range of customers helps reducing competition
Innovative products
Marketing and publicity
Improvement in Community Social Responsability needed
Possibility to introduce new range of products
Further geographical expansion
Economic instability
Policy and Governmental restrictions
According to Stéphane Laurent, in France people are still eager to explain design, while their neighbor countries are exploring and developing all of its refined and elaborated facets.
7 French out of 10 think design objects are beautiful.

9 out of 10 think design is too expensive for what it is.

7 out of 10 think that having design at home makes it a much more friendly and attractive place.
Design furniture buyers perform first purchases in:

design specialized stores (74%)
independent boutiques (38%)
hypermarkets (22%)
For 82% of French, buying design is a thoughtful act.

18% of respondents frequently buy design furniture or decoration after seeing them in magazine articles.

Since a few years, the Scandinavian style is a top trend in decoration; design magazines are full of Scandinavian design that combines comfort and aesthetics.
By Marie Fregonara, Beatrice Viguria, Sonja Räsänen, Emilie Chauvin, Antoine Duflocq & Samwel David
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