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3) The Athenian democracy

No description

J.J.C. Arkenbout

on 26 April 2011

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Transcript of 3) The Athenian democracy

What's a polis? The Greek polis a miniature state
a city state Most of the poleis were led by a small group of men This form of leaderschip is called Aristocracy Athens something new: democracy Demos = people in Greek "the people" decided who will be the administrators only men (18 year) with civil rights could vote strangers, women and slaves were not allowed to vote Assembly Council of 500 leaders navy/army Judges 50 people Executive Committee choose choose choose Once a year the people could vote against someone Did the Athenian democracy work? At first not people had to work and couldn't come to a meeting After 460 bc Pericles gave the people a reward if they come to the assembly
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