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No description

Victoria Chappell

on 24 November 2014

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Transcript of Sweden

Member of the European Union since 1995
rejected adoption of the euro in 2003
continue to use the Swedish krona
1 SEK = 0.17 CAD
1 SEK = 0.11 EUR
Population: 9,625,516
Political System: parliamentary democracy, constitutional monarchy
Legatum Prosperity Index
Entrepreneurship and Opportunity: 1st
Governance: 4th
Education: 14th
Health: 12th
Safety and Security: 3rd
Personal Freedom: 4th
Economy: 6th
Imports and Exports
main exports are machines and vehicles (evenly sharing 32%)
Key exports:
motor vehicles
paper products, pulp, wood
iron and steel products
Key imports:
motor vehicles
iron and steel
Prepare and Protect
Sweden has a very effective and profitable economic structure, but their dependence on the ability of other countries to continue importing from them could cause problems in the case of a foreign financial crisis. In order to maintain success, Sweden needs to separate their economic stability from that of their trade partners by reducing assets that cannot be liquidated in other countries.
GDP: $393 billion
GDP per capita: $41 900
export oriented nation
large trade surplus
6th easiest country to trade with, 6th most competitive in the world
recent service sector growth
Economic freedom score of 73.1, putting it in 20th
emerged as one of Europe's most sound economies after 2008-09 crisis
avoid being forced into taking emergency measures during another country's economic crisis
create independence from global financial system
Sweden can maintain their effective economy based on exports, but bring finances back to a domestic base
Sweden - Sverige
By: Victoria Chappell
General Information
Travel to Sweden
Northern Sweden
Central Sweden
Southern Sweden
Ice Hotel
4th Overall
moved up 3 places overall since 2009
Moved up 2 spots in health in the last year
Dropped 2 spots in education in the last year
gross secondary enrollment rate: 98.2%
1:9 teacher to pupil ratio
Economy dropped 1 spot
Dropped 1 spot overall in past year
Financial Interdependence
The stability of a country's finances are dependent on the state of the economy in foreign countries.
Eurozone struggles with increasing sovereign debt
must be ready in case of potential economic instability of trade partners
need to avoid being forced to take emergency measures in the case of another country's financial crisis
highly open to world= dependent on cross border transactions
exports= approx. 1/2 GDP
cross border financial assets and liabilities are each 2 1/2 times GDP
banking system is more than 4 times GDP
financial openness is essential to Sweden's growth
led to the financial system becoming linked to the global financial system
has been buffeted by financial instability twice in 2 decades
cause of 1st crisis= mainly domestic
most recent crisis= predominantly external
"stemming in from financial shocks emanating from ... outside Sweden"
assets regularly regarded as safe can suddenly become suspect
immediate economic stability depends on the economic stability of the countries it does business with
In order to maintain economic success and stability, Sweden must work to reduce assets that cannot be liquidated in other countries. By doing so, they will reduce the impact other economies can have on their financial status.
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United Kingdom
United States
United Kingdom
has among the EU's lowest levels of national debt
low and stable inflation
introduced a ceiling for government expenditures and a surplus goal for government budget
rather than cutting areas such as healthcare, education, and research, they invest
wealth more evenly distributed across regions than anywhere else in EU
What do you think of when you think of Sweden?
Average summer temperature: 13-17°C
Winter temperature for south: -3 -20°C
Average winter temperature of north: <-30°C
Summer light:
North: continuous daylight
South: 19 hours light
Winter light:
North: 2 months darkness
South: 6-8 hours daylight
has been inhabited since 12 000 BC
800-1050 AD, Vikings inhabited much of Sweden
Viking expeditions set off from east coast
founded in 1397
Present royal family has held throne since 1818
became constitutional monarchy in 1866
Area: 449,964 km²
1/10th bigger than
4th largest country
in Europe
North: mountains and
Central: lowlands
South: fertile forests,
valleys, plains
more than half of
Sweden is covered
by forests
85% of Swedes live
in cities

480 days paid parental leave
245 days in Canada
Being Green
Renewable energy = 48% of Sweden's energy production
4% of household waste ends up in landfills
More than 90% of aluminum cans
are recycled

Additional Letters:
'å', 'ä' and 'ö'--no W
Hur mår du?
Tack så mycket.
Var är toaletten?
God förmiddag!
Hej då
Jag heter _____
Jag mår bra, tack.
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