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No description

Madison Wickhorst

on 7 December 2015

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Transcript of Penguins

Extra Info.
Penguins are really smart so they are careful when entering the cold water.Most penguins get eaten after laying their eggs and so they don't get to raise their young.
Southern rock hopper
Yellow eyed
and Royal

these are just a few
What is their habitat like?
For some cold and harsh and others warm and sunny ill explain why warm next,but you know why cold they live in the arctic!
How do they get away from predators?
Penguins are really good swimmers and have their beak to somewhat protect them.They are also really fast could even beat any human probably.
Where do they live?
What are some types of Penguins
Some live in the arctic
but also some live on
beaches.(not the ones
your thinking of)
What do penguins eat?

Penguins eat seafood but their main diet is fish they will also eat squid and small animals almost shrimp like called krill.
What are some predators of Penguins?
The leopard seal and killer whale are some animals to stay away from.
Like in the movie happy feet when mumble almost gets eaten by the leopard seal.
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