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Alien Abduction Prevention

No description

Z Nasri

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Alien Abduction Prevention

The Truth is Out There 1) Assess Need 2) Prevent 3) Treat 50% of Americans believe
12% have seen
5% have been taken (~15 million potential patients)
"To my mathematical brain, the numbers alone make thinking about aliens perfectly rational."
-Stephen Hawking, physicist, cosmologist Alien Abduction You are Not Alone 50% of Americans believe in aliens
12% have seen a UFO
5% (15 million people!) have been abducted Your Pharmacist Can Help The Problem is Real The sheer number of stars in the Milky Way (more than 200 billion!) means that the existence of other life forms (ET, aliens, UFOs) is a near-certainty, and many scientists agree. How can humans be the only ones out there in such a huge universe? Talk to Your Pharmacist Alien abduction poses health risks:
Cuts, bruises, wounds
Skin burns & irritation
Eye problems
Stomach upset
Balance problems
Distress, depression, anxiety
Your pharmacist can help you get relief - you don't need to suffer!
So What Next? Prevention is Key Sleep with a light on (even a night-light) and a flashlight nearby
Make sure all windows are securely closed and locked
Avoid being alone in rural, poorly-lit areas at night
Do not follow strange patterns of light in the distance
Help is available. If you have been abducted or live in fear, join our support group at 6PM every Tuesday night. You are not alone. Patients who have already been abducted can attend a weekly or monthly support group. Pharmacists have the unique ability to counsel on many conditions commonly experienced by survivors:
Wound care
Dermatitis and burns
GI distress
Insomnia/sleep hygiene
Since pharmacists are the most accessible member of the healthcare team, we are uniquely poised to help patients or refer them on to doctors. Logistics Budget would be minimal: posters, health fair
Follow-up/assessment: attendance at support group, interest in the health fair, surveys
Pharmacist would lead support group and possibly screen for illnesses (depression, etc.) Jake Doeden, 4P
Spencer Pummel, 4P
Zahra Nasrazadani, 4P The End
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