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Leadership in Toy Story

No description

Jenna Mervyn

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of Leadership in Toy Story

Woody Demonstrates the 4 Functions of Management
Woody and Buzz are the most dominant leaders of the group of toys because they possess high extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness and openness to experience

Woody - In Toy Story 3, he makes sure that Andy's toys get out of Sunnyside and is open to new experiences by having Andy bring them all to Bonnie
Buzz - In Toy Story 2, he comes up with the plan to rescue Woody from the toy collector and convinces Woody to return to Andy
Woody & Buzz = Ethical
Woody faces an ethical dilemma - he can either help Lotso, putting himself in danger; or he can let Lotso continue on his way to his death.
Woody uses the Moral Rights Rule and decided to help Lotso, even though he may be hurt in the process. Buzz helps him and they manage to save their enemy just in time.
Lotso = Unethical
The conveyor belt is now heading to the incinerator.
Lotso sees an emergency stop button
Once Lotso gets to the button, he decides to not press it and lets Andy’s toys head to the incinerator while he is safe.
All the toys' have a unique capability/disability
As an effective manager, Woody understands and knows how everyone can contribute to the team
Mr. Potato Head
Woody helps Buzz learn he is still a valuable team member even though he cannot fly
Woody and Buzz encounter another diverse group of toys at Sid's house who prove to be a great team
Woody uses the six steps of decision making when Andy is leaving for college

1. Recognize the need for a decision:
Woody knows he must decide what to do for him and the team when Andy leaves
2. Generate Alternatives:
Go with Andy or stay with the team
3. Assess Alternatives:
Positives and negatives to both alternatives
4. Choose among alternatives:
Woody decides to stay with the rest of the toys
5. Implement the chosen decision:
Woody and the toys are donated to Bonnie
6. Learn from feedback:
All the toys will learn if the right decision was made from the happiness they bring to Bonnie while she plays with them
Organizational control helps Woody and Buzz monitor how the group is working through four steps

1. Establish the standards of performance, goals, or targets that performance is to be evaluated on
- Woody's endurance
2. Measure actual performance
- Output control
3. Compare actual performance against chosen standard of performance
- Saving Woody from Al versus past rescue missions
4. Evaluate the result and initiate corrective action if standards are not being achieved
- When the toys did not reach their goal, they develop a new plan
Expectancy Theory
-Amount of effort equals level of performance

-How desirable outcomes/performance levels are
-Expectancy is high
-Effort from all will result in a desired performance level

-Valence is high
-Desire to free Buzz is very strong
-Person exerts influence over others and inspires, motivates and directs others

Referent Power
-Influence based on identification
-Andy's favorite toy
Planning is identifying and selecting appropriate goals and courses of action for an organization
Strategy is the cluster of related managerial decisions and actions that managers take to help an organization reach its goals
In Toy Story 2, Woody is stolen and it is up to Buzz to become the leader and to create a plan to rescue Woody and bring him back home
Buzz goes through many obstacles and sometimes has to make quick decisions based on intuition to lead the team
Creating an organizational structure helps an organization to see how workers use their resources
There are several structures an organization can use.
Toy Story represents a Product Team Structure
In a Product Team Structure, employees are permanently assigned to a cross-functional team that is empowered to bring a new or redesigned product to the market.
With having a cross-functional team, members only report to the product team manager or to one of their direct subordinates.
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