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Peggy Pompadour

No description

vania yoo

on 9 June 2015

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Transcript of Peggy Pompadour

When did...
What did...
At the time, slavery existed all throughout Canada. Peggy Pompadour was just one of the many black slaves in the 1800s. Peggy couldn't take the slavery system she endured, so she resisted slavery and left the property of her owner. She was then caught and jailed for resisting slavery in 1806.
Peggy Pompadour's Contribution to Canadian Heritage
the answer to our question
Why did...
Peggy Pompadour resisted slavery because she thinks that slavery is not fair. She believed that no one should be judged by their skin or their culture. Peggy Pompadour resisted slavery because she did not like the system at all. She was abused by her owner and she wanted to fight against it to help put a stop to it.
Who is...
Peggy Pompadour's contribution to the Canadian heritage was that her actions in resisting slavery influences people to not judge others by their skin or culture. Peggy showed us that we should fight for what we believe in. Peggy Pompadour's quest for freedom reminds us of her tough life as a slave to this date.
Even though Peggy Pompadour and her children were never accused of defending her family against the beating, abusing, and the slavery the family endured they were still punished for being "insolent". Peggy and her son couldn't take it anymore so from time to time, they left the Russell Property. Peter Russell didn't want her anymore so he posted an ad as a notice that he was selling Peggy and her son for 150-200 dollars.
in this presentation we'll be figuring out..
How did Peggy Pompadour Contribute, and what made her significant?

Slavery existed throughout Canada and was just as brutal as slavery in America or Anywhere else Africans were enslaved by white people. Enslaved African were not allowed to name themselves or their children, they language or practice their spiritual beliefs.

Peggy Pompadour was a black slave owned by Peter Russell in the 18th century in York, Upper Canada. Peter Russell had owned Peggy for many years. Peggy had three children, Jupiter, Amy, and Milly, and a free African-Canadian husband. All of her children were born slaves.
who was Peggy Pompadour?
a) a significant woman that changed a part of the history Canada.
b) raynold?
c) a baker
d) other

how did she change our history?

a) she made people aware of slavery all over North America
b) she freed other slaves from causing awareness of slave owners
c) she stated her opinion of slavery and resisted against it
d) all the above
how did she spread the word of slavery?
a) she left the property of her owner and people realized, which made them look into her
b) shouted slavery to anyone that passed by
c) she didn't spread the word of slavery
d) she followed people to there houses, and advertised slavery





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