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Teen Pregnancy

No description

jasmine merriweather

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Teen Pregnancy

Double click anywhere & add an idea Teen Pregnancy
By: Jasmine Merriweather
period 9
Teen Pregnancy
I believe that teen pregnancy is a big issue at Ben Davis High School. It seems to be a problem because some teens tend to drop out of school. They drop out of school so they could work and be able to care for their child full time. A way the issuse can be fixed is to provide them with help after pregnancy. Give them options for night school or half days so it will allow them to not be so tired and can still get a good education. We can also assist them with childcare help. Allow their child to attend the daycare while they are in school. My collage represents pregngnt teens and childcare assistance. From doing this projuect, i have learned teen pregnagncy is alot harder than it looks.
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