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Hannah Bright

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of Banksy

Banksy is a graffiti artist and political activist who was born in 1974 in Bristol, United Kingdom.
Most of Banksy's street art was created from stencils.
He is known for his satirical street art; many of these pieces have been recreated in the form of screen prints.
Banksy's self-directed film, Exit Through the Gift Shop, on the social aspects of street art was nominated for an acadamy award for best documentary.
As a prominent vandal largely enthused by the public, Banksy makes great efforts to maintain his anonymity and obscure his whereabouts in order to subvert law enforcement.
Art versus Vandalism
His graffiti provides a voice for those living in urban environments that could not otherwise express themselves.
His work also improves the aesthetic quality of urban surroundings.
His work is simple vandalism
Critics assert that his beliefs are not shared by the majority of the inhabitants of the environments that he graffitis.
Tesco Tomato Soup Can
Parody of Andy Warhol's work Campbell's Soup.
Glorifies and immortalizes the everyday.
Celebrates mundane things that are rarely thought about.
The gray background reinforces the colorless feel of the commonplace.
Sperm Alarm
Space Girl and Bird
Screenprinting was used to generate the stencil of the girl in this piece of street art.
This piece portrays a sense of feminine comfort.
Smiley Grim Reaper Death On A Clock
This was one of Banksy's early street pieces that was later produced as a screen print.
Silent Night Madonna With Child and iPod
This print represents society at present.
The Madonna is our version of an important figure, or a general symbol for celebrities and other famous people.
She holds an iPod to represent how technology seems to dictate our lives nowadays.
Rude Coppers
One of Banksy's most forceful prints.
This makes a strong political statement about authority.
Rat Stencil
The rat with the briefcase suggests an unscrupulous business person.
He is looking up at the sky, holding an umbrella. The climate for business does not look good, and he is having doubts about his survival.
System Error Has Occurred
The grey box covers the face of the woman, thus blocking out the main focus of the painting.
The grey box seems to suggest that the painting is being viewed on a computer, where system errors are capable of ruining the viewing experience of a painting.
This print was probably generated digitally.
Pooh Bear Trap
A stencil generated by screen printing was used to create this piece of graffiti.
It is clear that whoever Winnie the Pooh is representing has been trapped in their process or journey of obtaining money.
Pooh Bear also has an element of innocence to it, and it is sad that such a classic character in childhood is trapped.
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Banksy's Prints
Despite his renown as a graffiti artist, Banksy has also worked in sculpture, various types of painting, multiple techniques in printmaking including silkscreen and lithograph, and mixed media.
Banksy uses screen printing on acetate or card to create the stencils that are used in his street art.
It is assumed that Banksy uses digital printing for some of his stencils due to the photocopy nature of much of his work.
Most of his street artwork has been transformed into screen prints in order to keep them alive as long as possible.
Banksy's Themes
Banksy's work shows a desire to mock centralized power.
Banksy hopes that his work will show the public that although power does exist and works against you, that power is not terribly efficient, and it can and should be deceived.
Prints by Banksy!
Crying Terrorist Ski Mask
Are the tears of the terrorist meant to symbolize regret for what has been done or for what he is about to do?
Are the tears meant to symbolize joy at the action taken or about to be taken?
Police Kids Jack and Jill
Pink Barcode Shark
This piece was originally created as a screen print on canvas.
In this print Banksy points out the terrible danger that lurks beneath society's rampant consumerism.
He also implies that the belief that ones true worth lies in the monetary value of his possessions is far more deadly.
Panda With Guns
The image on this print is not the original work of Banksy. The panda with guns was originally painted on a wall outside a pub in Bristol, England. Banksy created a print of that piece of graffiti.
It shows the anger of the everyday person. Looking to the right can suggest a political side. The guns are held high showing warning shots about to be fired at the problems.
Tesco Value Petrol Bomb
Lithographic print
Released by Banksy in May 2011
Created in response to riots in Bristol, England, in opposition to the unpopular opening of a Tesco store
Embodies the destructive nature of corporate and big-business capitalism, and the irony of the mediocrity caused by mass consumerism.
Andy Warhol's Campbell's Soup Cans
Kate Moss Print
Banksy is known to mimic Warhol’s pop art style, which was enthused by the public in his time as avant-garde and fashionable. Similarly, Banksy’s success at auction and explosive popularity among the wealthy in the mid 2000’s brought in attention and money to the larger street art scene as a whole. Note the mimicry in these Banksy silkscreen prints of Kate Moss of the iconic 1960’s Andy Warhol series on Marilyn Monroe.
Girl and Soldier
“Girl and Soldier” is part of one of Banksy’s larger politically active projects. This particular piece was stenciled and sprayed on the side of a building very close to the Palestinian Wall in Jerusalem. Banksy plastered, painted, and sprayed numerous other images onto the wall itself, featuring some ironic and satirical images, and some directly protesting the existence of the wall and demanding its destruction. “Girl and Solider” directly criticizes the police state conditions in Palestine and injustice towards civilians. It promotes the western, first-world ideals of democracy, freedom, and citizen power over the government.
Peeing Dog
The meaning of this piece is unclear.
A screen print was used to generate the dog in this piece of street art.
This print is heavy with irony and political commentary. The children in this print seem to honor the Tesco grocery bag as they might honor their nation’s flag. The children in this art piece idolize the bag, which seems to be the artist’s representation of commercialism and consumer culture. The children in the photo now show allegiance to a corporation rather than their home country.
Tesco Bag Flag Tesco Generation
This piece originally appeared on a wall outside of the Hesperia Hotel in London, but was recreated as a print.
Sprycan Rodeo Girl
The Spraycan Rodeo Girl is reminiscent of the pin-up art of the 1940s and 1950s.
Weston Super Mare Man Bench Bandsaw
This peice was originally a painting, but was later transfomed into a print.
The print versions are 35 cm in height and 100 cm in length. The colors used are either in monochrome or light gray-brown for the man and the bench. The sea is colored gray or a slightly darker shade of brown. Another striking difference, the bandsaw is on the other side of the print from the man giving the artwork visual balance. The bandsaw is always solid black in all versions. Also, despite minute variations, the meaning remains the same in both the painting and the print version.
Nola Girl With Umbrella
This stencil represents how things that are supposed to protect us can also hurt us.
Barbed Wire Heart Balloon
The Barbed Wire Heart Ballon depicts the tenuous aspect of love.
As long as the balloon remains caught on the thorny wire, it is trapped and in pain. Hopefully true love can set it free and stop the hurt.
LAPD Pinata
One L.A. day many moons ago Los Angeles police officers maltreated Rodney King, an African American. The beating, which occurred during a traffic stop, was captured on camera by a witness and provoked worldwide outrage and riots in Los Angeles that left dozens dead and thousands injured. Banksy reproduced a recognizable screenshot of the infamous beating around the 20th anniversary of the incident.
Ronald McDonald and Mickey Mouse
This satirical work is an attack on the consumerism that occupies the attention of the American people blind to the way their foreign policy is conducted. It also points to how consumerism keeps the population blind to more pressing concerns generally.
Happy Choppers
It is not inconceivable that some may think the piece makes light of war, while others may think of it as looking on the bright side of things. Some may just see it as nothing more than a squadron of fighter choppers who are enjoying a clear blue sky for flying.
Punk and Thug Grannies
This piece of artwork is one of Banksy's original prints.
This art piece has plenty to say about the relationship of the belligerent to the scene of the diner. The angry man shows disdain for the picturesque, idealistic portrayal. In the diner, patrons dressed in mid-20th century Hollywood garb stare outwardly at the belligerent nonchalantly. The print depicts no sense of urgency or fear in the patrons of the diner. They simply turn and look nonchalantly at the wild scene outside of the diner.
Queen Victoria Lesbian
Banksy takes a comical shot at the queen and her anti-gay stance in his piece by suggesting that she herself is a lesbian caught in a sexual act with another woman.
Dorothy Police Search
Dorothy Police Search is a commentary on travel that Banksy printed in 2007.
The legality of the search is being questioned here.
Anarchist and Mother
The picture expresses in artistic language the kind of acceptance a child should receive from a parent. It emphasizes the ideal that a child should be accepted for what he or she is and not based on the way the child conforms to societys norms.
Bomb Hugger
Banksy first created Bomb Hugger in 2003, which was published by Pictures on Walls in London as a limited edition of prints.
Banksy uses ironic juxtaposition to emphasize the true nature of war, as opposed to the rhetoric from the media and politicians. The girl represents purity whereas the bomb, which symbolizes war, represents destruction and evil. Banksy thus challenges the press and politicians who portray warfare in a positive light. Such contradictory rhetoric obscures the darker motives of war, such as greed, power and domination.
Why Banksy?
We chose to do our presentation on Banksy because we found his work aesthetically pleasing and we found his social cometary along with the meaning behind his work interesting.
The children are in their pre-adolescence, an innocent time of play and laughter, but also a time when children are starting to be more aware of the world and life has started changing for them.
These children still need protection, hence the bulletproof vests.
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