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The InSinkErator

No description

Susanne Michalek

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of The InSinkErator

Commercial Contractors
Contractors work in the commercial sector to build new homes, apartment buildings, restaurants, hospitals, or schools.

Because of its reliability and high-tech advancements and InSinkErator’s reputation, the Evolution Series garbage disposer is perfect for use in these establishments.

It is important contractors understand the benefits of InSinkErator over other competing brands.

InSinkErator’s Evolution Series is the ideal disposer for commercial use.

Commercial Contractors & The InSinkErator
Commercial contractors can be family-oriented as they run their businesses from homes, hiring additional construction workers only as needed for specific projects.

It's important to establish long-term relationships with commercial contractors to ensure the InSinkErator line of disposers is a part of any new construction that includes a commercial kitchen. Profile:
Contracted Plumbers Many contracted plumbers are self-taught; there are also multiple websites that provide online plumbing courses.

As of 2008, 555,900 people were employed as plumber, pipelayers, pipefitters, and steamfitters. There were also 311,304 people working for plumbing, heating, and air-conditioning contractors.

Plumbers & The InSinkErator The plumber has extensive knowledge of the brands and parts used on the job, which brands are customer-favorites, and which brands are the most reliable.

Because contracted plumbers’ awareness and use of InSinkErator's Evolution Series is crucial to its success, the goal is to build long-term relationships with these people and keep InSinkErator at the top of their list.

Targeted retailers: Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Menard’s.
retails a variety of new home repair and improvement
materials and supplies.

In 2009, there were 7,738 home improvement establishments in the country that employed almost half a million people.

The industry had a gross revenue of $148,800,000. Americans spent $30,921,683 on hardware, tools, and plumbing and electrical supplies in 2007. Wholesalers & The InSinkErator Wholesalers look to carry reliable products with a strong brand name that their customers will recognize and appreciate.

The goal will be to establish long-term relationships with these retailers and have them promote the new era of garbage disposers with InSinkErator's Evolution Series. Profile:
Citizens & Policy Makers of Mequon, Wi. Milwaukee suburb of Mequon, a wealthy community with plenty of space and funds for new building projects. Mequon has many commercial buildings such as schools, hospitals, businesses, retail stores, etc.

The city of Mequon had a population of 23,670 people in 2008. Of those people, 94.16 percent are of the white race.

The median incomes are well above the national average: $97,797 for households and $113,265 for families.

The city's average home value is $364,991 and the average residential sale costs $406,805.
Citizens & policy makers of Mequon & The InSinkErator
Fifty percent of the land within the city is undeveloped. And, the average home and residential sale values suggest people building and purchasing in Mequon have the money to spend on higher-end appliances like the Evolution Series disposer.

It would be beneficial to target the contractors for new commercial buildings to invest in InSinkErator and install Evolution Series disposers in the kitchens in new buildings.
Objective #1: To increase sales of InSinkErator’s new Evolution Series by 10 percent within
the next year. Objective #2: To build awareness of the environmentally friendly nature of garbage disposers. Objective #3: Example Tactic: Direct Mail #1 InSinkErator uses informational literature such as brochures and fact sheets to get their information out to commercial contractors to promote their product.

Content of their information will highlight the Evolution Series’ easy installation and InSinkErator’s exceptional warranty.

Portray photos of the foods the InSinkErator’s Evolution Series can grind up that most other commercial garbage disposers cannot. Tactics Direct mail
Story pitches
Social Media Example Tactic: Direct Mail #2 InSinkErator will contact organizations like the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association (PHCC) and the United Association of Plumbers and Pipefitters (UA) to obtain mailing information.

Content will include facts about the Evolution Series and what makes it superior to other brands as well as testimonials from other plumbers who have installed the disposers. Example Tactic: Story Pitches Plumbers It is important to present garbage disposers, and by association the InSinkErator brand, as an essential part of an environmentally friendly kitchen.

Story pitches will be made to plumbing trade magazines such as "Plumbing Engineer" about options for green building, and environmentally friendly ways to dispose of waste.
*these story pitches will include garbage
disposers as a key part of going green.

Example Tactic: Demonstrations/Interactive The InSinkErator-Man character
InSinkErator-Man will travel to conventions
and expos demonstrating the abilities of the
Evolution Series.

To attempt to influence public policy that would require all new plumbing/building projects in Mequon, WI to have a garbage disposer, if applicable. Strategy:
Differentiate InSinkErator from other brands. Strategy:
Demonstrate that disposers are environmentally responsible. Strategy:
Target both citizens and public officials or policy-makers in Mequon,WI with information about the benefits of garbage disposers. Example Tactic: Advertisements Wholesalers In order to drive consumer interest the company will place an advertisement in Better Homes and Gardens' Do It Yourself magazine.

The ad will highlight green benefits of using InSinkErators, and include a call to action that urges consumers to purchase a garbage disposer-- InSinkErator, specifically. Evaluation Objective #1 Important we have current figures on sales of the disposer.
Compare sales in the quarter preceding the implementation of our campaign to the same quarter the following year.

Track InSinkErator in the news.
Social media tracking. Evaluation Objective #2 Evaluation Objective #3 Follow the activities of Mequon policy makers.
He will also travel to wholsalers to
demonstrate the capabilities of the Evolution
Series and answer consumer questions about
plumbing, disposers, and Insinkerator products.

At the expos, individuals will have the ability to sign up for a mailing list, that will be used to create PURLS, which will provide them with further information and special promotions. Example Tactic: Social Media
Creating a Twitter page to reach out.
Youtube channel.
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