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Green Cars

No description

Ashleigh Brady

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of Green Cars

Alternative Energy Vehicles Green Cars What can we do about global warming? reduce amount of carbon dioxide released into the air
remove carbon dioxide that is already there Energy Efficient when vehicles, appliances, etc. use much less energy than non-efficient items
some vehicles use less energy and release less carbon dioxide as others This label tells you how much energy the product uses, this helps to save money and reduce global warming (found on appliances and new cars). Advances in Transportation Technology 2005 2012 2010 People are willing to pay more money for a hybrid to save money on gas. Sept. 2006 Vancouver prepares to show a fleet of hydrogen buses to the world for the Olympics. Aug. 2008 A researcher at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) is trying to tap the road's heat from the sun for an alternative energy source. Feb. 2009 Stacy Jurich makes her way across the United States using waste vegetable oil for fuel. Nov. 2009 Solar parking lots are installed in California and at Dell headquarters in Texas. Feb. 2010 A hydrogen car company hopes to release their Fuel Cell Car in the near future. Some universities are trying to find a way to use carbon dioxide from the air as fuel. Aug. 2011 President Obama announced mandatory increased fuel standards for big and small vehicles in the future. Dec. 2012 A professor working on storing hydrogen in a car won a career award. Solar panels are usually combined with an electric car as a backup. Help make our World a greener place! Quick Facts Motor-vehicle exhausts are one of the leading sources of air pollution Are we Winning the Battle? Technologies Being Used Today Many car companies are making their vehicles environmentally friendly. ecoboost
regenerative braking system
auto stop/start all vehicles at least 85% recyclable
developments in flex fuels, hydrogen fuel cells and hybrid and electric technologies a plant is being built in Japan to create bioethanol to fuel cars
in 2007 Honda unveiled the FCX Clarity advanced fuel cell electric vehicle pursuing development of the RENESIS hydrogen rotary engine
idling stop system improving cars that run only on electricity and plug in hybrids technology
a fuel cell hybrid vehicle will soon be released Future of Cars Lithium-ion batteries will be used for electric cars hydrogen fuel cell cars will be more popular in the future algae-biofuels might be a possibility air cars There are approximately 13.5 million cars registered in Canada Using renewable resources as fuel
Vehicles are becoming more fuel efficient
Alternative fuels more available Better the technology we have today
Find new environmentally friendly fuels
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"Transportation." World Book. Web. 07 Jan. 2013. <http://www.worldbookonline.com/student/article?id=ar564680>. Works Cited The average American will spend at least two weeks of their life stopped at red lights The average car contains over 3 000 feet of electrical wires
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