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No description

men plazlo

on 7 May 2015

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Transcript of huygers

Hello my name is Sol 'm a star of spectral type G2 that is me in the center of the solar system and include the largest source of electromagnetic radiation of this planetary system.
my superfice is 5,778 K
and my mass 1,989E30 kg
my absolute magnitude is 4.83
Hello I live Earth and in the solar system that orbits its star -the Sun- in the third innermost orbit. It is the densest and fifth- largest of the eight planets in the Solar System .
Hello i am saturn solar system's second largest planet and the only one with visible rings
I am Mars the fourth planet of the Solar System. Known as the red planet for its pink tones, the Romans identified him with the blood and put the name of their god of war.
Mercury am the closest planet to the Sun and the second smallest of the Solar System. I'm smaller than Earth but larger than the Moon.
I Venus the second planet of the solar system and the Earth like my size, mass, density and volume. We both form at the same time, from the same nebula.
I'm the solar system's largest planet, have more matter than all the other planets together and my volume a thousand times that of the Earth.
I am the smallest planet Pluto (now ex-planet) and to move away more of the sun. I discovered in 1930, but I am so far, so far, we have little information. I'm the only one I have not yet been visited by a spacecraft land.
I am Uranus, the seventh planet from the Sun and the solar system's third largest. I am also the first through the telescope was discovered in 1781.
I am the outermost planet of the gas giants and the first thing I was discovered in September 1846, through mathematical predictions
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