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North African Region

No description

C Barwick

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of North African Region

North Africa
by: Courtney and Dylan Physical Geography Location: Countries- Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia. Relative Location- Africa is located above the equator and is bordered by The Mediterranean Sea, The Atlantic Ocean, and the Sahara Desert. It is also very close to Europe and Asia. Landforms- Atlas mountains, The Nile River, and The Sahara Desert. Climate- Desert, Mediterranean, Steppe. Traditional People Who are they?-
Tuareg People
Location- Saharan and Sahelian Africa
Population- about 1 million
Language- Tamacheq
Religion- Islam, combined with traditional beliefs and practices (Animism)
What are they like?-
Many Tuareg groups have myths about female ancestors who were founders of traditions. Unlike most Islamic societies, Tuareg women do not wear viels in public. Tuareg men begin to wear a veil at 18 years of age. This signifies that they are adults and are ready to marry.
In rural communities, housing may include several tents and a few cone shaped grass buildings. The wealthier Tuareg who have settled in the oasis areas have adobe houses.
Traditionally, the Tuareg have married within thier own social category, preferably to a close cousin. In the towns, both of these traditions are breaking down. In rural areas, they remain strong. However, many individuals marry close relatives only to please thier mothers.
The Tuareg people are not struggling in the modern world. They have added more modern traditions to their society, but their ancestors' traditions remain strong.

Government What types of governments?: Countries and their governments: Morocco-monarchy, Tunisia- democracy, Algeria- democratic, Libya- dictatorship Regarding the government in North Africa, I do not think it is effective. I do not think it is effective because the citizens of North Africa are catching diseases and are getting very sick, and the government is not putting forth a lot of effort to help them. If they would try harder they could have better health care and they could attract more tourists. I also believe that there are too many types of governments in North Africa. Maybe if all of the countries in North Africa were the same type of government, they could all solve problems better and there wouldn't be as many disagreements. The last thing that the world needs is more war. So if the governments tried harder to bring up thier health score and if they were all the same government, they would be a more effective government. I would not want to visit this place and I believe
this because of a few good reasons. One of those
reasons is because the African people do not usually live very long. They live to be about 50 to 60 years old and to me that is a really short time to live. Another reason is because of how bad their medical treatment is. They do not live as long because they do not have the medicine and medical treatment they need to survive the very bad conditions. Also, another reason why I would not want to live in North Africa, or visit North Africa, is because they are very poor and eat weird food. Some people might want to go to North Africa, but I do not. Other
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