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Imola Unger "Presumé"

Passionate about publishing and looking for a job.

Imola Unger

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of Imola Unger "Presumé"

Let me give 6 reasons why I'm
an asset to your publishing firm. Hi. My name is Imola Unger. #1. I'm crazy about books & publishing. When I was little... Folding sheet upon sheet,
I even made my own books
(all written and illustrated
by me, of course). If you're intrigued, please get in touch Twitter: @ImolaUnger
imola.unger@gmail.com or find me elsewhere: http://www.about.me/Imola
http://www.todayinpublishing.blog.com I liked making up stories
better than playing.
I taught myself to read.
From then on... Then I realised: this is what I want to do all my life. I founded my own illustrator agency
(a rather modest success)
because I wanted to be in the book business. While I studied... I got a scholarship to the USA
and interned at Random House. I'm eager to start working at a publishing house! Now... I wrote my thesis on the emergence of ebooks. (My advisor recommended it for publication.) While getting dressed, I was
often caught with one sock on,
poring over a book. I'm especially eager to read about
developments on the digital front. #2. I keep myself up-to-date. #3. I'm enterprising. I have business sense. I am a go-getter. Ambitious enough to start my own business,
innovative enough to do something new,
daring enough to take risks. I started an illustrator agency because
it was a market niche in Hungary.
It was not a big venture, but I made it alone. I speak multiple languages. #4. I am a foreigner. I bring a new perspective. I understand the East-European market. If anyone can venture to make that claim... Excellent English
Native Hungarian
Good German
Good Spanish I am pedantic about language use. For starters, I didn't use the word "creative." #5. I am resourceful. I have a knack for words. I even earned the Grammar Police badge at my previous job. I wear it with pride. At my last job I learned to use
4 software applications in a month. I am quick to
learn & perceive #6. I have relevant experience. & make unusual
connections. about co-editions and selling rights
to ensure deadlines and quality standards are met
to liaise with freelancers and publishers
self-publicity As a small business owner, I learned: about the publishing process
to make and design press releases
to use InDesign & QuarkXPress
to maintain media contacts
to build author publicity
what a marketing campaign entails As a marketing & publicity intern,
I learned: that I have people management skills
to prioritise and delegate
to identify resources and assign tasks
meticulous administration As a project manager, I learned: I had the privilege of watching the pros in action:
the team behind the success of the Dan Brown books. The entrepreneurial immigrant mentality
"accelerates ... business growth & innovation,"
as pointed out by the Harvard Business Review. Images © of their respective owners. Llopis, Glenn. "Adopt an Immigrant Mindset to Advance Your Career", Harvard Business Review Blog Network,
24 August 2012 (http://blogs.hbr.org/cs/2012/08/adopt_an_immigrant_mindset_to.html : accessed 28 August 2012) It taught me a great deal about how to run a business,
the importance of timing,
being the middle man,
and generally, how the visual side of publishing works. It also showed me I can do
what I set my mind to.
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