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Symone and Alaina

No description

lib hist

on 4 October 2016

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Transcript of Symone and Alaina


Colonial History
Jamestown was the first English settlement created in North America in 1607. Then Virginia was the first colony established in Colonial America. The Virginia capital is Richmond.
The history of Virginia started with the settlement of east woodland native americans which included the Powhatan. Permanent settlement in Virginia started with Jamestown 1607.

Reasons Founded
Jamestown was originally founded from a desire to gain wealth, to to convert the natives to Christianity, and to find gold. Virginia became a royal colony in 1624 when King James I revoked the charter of the bankrupt Virginia Company..
The London company founded Virginia during the rein of King James II (1566 - 1625.) And became the first permanent English settlement in North America.
type of People living in colony
local native american tribes lived in Virginia before it came about, but John Smith and the London Company founded Jamestown, and Virginia. other people that lived here included English settlers.
By Symone and Alaina

type of religon
type of economy
Early religon in Virginia included:
*anglican church (the church of England)
Early Virginians were not accepting of non-christian religons.

Farming was the main industry in the colony. Tobacco was once the basis of Virginia economy, but has been replaced by livestock and livestock products.
Why settle here?
Virginia had great farming and especially tobacco farming. In Jamestown there was a large river to get water from which also meant fertile soil.
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