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Wordpress for realtors

Our 6 weeks together to build an Awesome! Website for your real estate practice.

Erich Ziebarth

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of Wordpress for realtors

Get Started
95% + start there home search online WordPress Success for Real Estate Domain Name - branding
memorable-topical-geographical Goals for your site got to pay for Hosting
$40 per year
Wordpress.com =OK
Wordpress.org = better
Use GoDaddy, Hostgator
Bluehost before you build your Site Create 5 profiles of an ideal client you would:

1.Buyers (local and out of town)
2.Sellers (harder to attract and get to interact with the website
4.2nd home buyers, Vacation home purchasers
5.Short Sellers, Sell my home before Foreclosure
6. Community Specialists- Area Info Site or just focus for content
7.Luxury Homes
8.First Time Buyers
9. Condos
10. Land
What neighborhoods and communities are you focusing on?

Cities, Neighborhoods, Communities, Subdivisons
Lifestyle sites:
http://www.miamism.com/ What do you want your viewers to do - spell it out!
1. sign up for your newsletter (Mail Chimp Newsletter of posted blogs, 1 minute Housing market Report, Realty Times)
2. search for properties
3. save a search
4. request a showing
5. Receive a comparative market analysis

Do you want comments on your blogs or not?
What is your flavor, style of specialty?
Got to stand out! Your Niches? You can have more than one.
Your Website will always have 3 audiences
1. The Have-mets, 2. The Haven’t Mets, 3. the indexers and crawlers- Google-Bing-Yahoo-MSN and 4. Mobile Users others

Social Networks, Facebook, Linkedin, Trulia, Zillow, Activerain- free level, last Twitter?? and maybe Tell them what you want them to do next.. Which Wordpress Theme? www.StudioPress.com An AgentPress Wordpress Theme with all the best plugins and installation comes with this course (call or email to set a time
to work one on one with Erich to do this) Erich 760-500-6424
or webcoach@gmail.com http://my.studiopress.com/themes/agentpress/
http://my.studiopress.com/themes/eleven40/ responsive theme Which theme? Which Style for my blog/website? Build a Customer experience

Share Community info

Build Community Pages

Provide Home search

Decide your Target Market
target clients
What are their needs, concerns

Generating leads
Buyer and/or seller Who are you
What do you do
Who are you serving uniquely Why Wordpress?
updated every 6 weeks for FREE
Search Engine Friendly
60-70% SEO done just by putting your content in WP
Matt Cutts Wordpress is a content
Management System
a CMS- the wordpress
is always Why are you here?
Build your brand
Attract new clients that need
what you offer
Set yourself and your services apart Which Widgets? – Mortgage Calculators, what’s my home worth?,

What will you use for a Home Search Tool?

http://www.Realbird.com $100 /year

http://www.Diverse Solutions.com , http://www.DSIdxpress.com $100 set up, $30 a month, IDX Pro $60 Ds SearchAgent.com $100

http://www.IdxBroker.com $ 99 set up, $40 month

Customizing your Wordpress Theme, color palette, images, headers, side bar widgets

Domain Selection – My name or a geographical / categorical domain

Email as a label, domain based email, David@DCAreaHome.com

I recommend no numbers and dashes only if that is what is left with strong keywords. .COM is always presumed, age of domain does count.

http://www.SECockpit.com/app is a tool to determine best domains with the best audience count..

username: erichziebarth@gmail.com password: teamwork15 is a tool to determine best domains with the best audience count or calculate what to write around..

Analytics- measure your traffic and analyze Tools, plugins AND Widgets Recording will be available
to download with notes and
this presentation on Google
doc.s or DRIVE Join the Advanced class if you are posting regularly on your blog already and want next level training for building the influence of your Blog, brand and social media.
We will meet Fridays 10 am/PST/1pm EST
You must email me at webcoach@gmail.com to get in the class
It will be 4 weeks Starting March 22 - April 12
You may also continue attending the initial class of 6 weeks on Mondays
advanced is more blog customization, more indexing of IDX and home search, Custom form building, more Call to actions with direct response and SEO and site optimization.
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