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Military Pilot

No description

Bret Booth

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Military Pilot

Fighter Pilot Career Description While controlling one of the most advanced aircraft's in the world requires, skill and precision. Air force pilots make flying look easy.
You must be a leader and character model to train and command crews in addition to flying. Helpful to This Career Skills:



Volunteering: Dedication, leadership, physical ability both cardiovascular and pulmonary. High need to achieve, non-intellectually oriented, need excitement, rarely become tearful, avoid brooding and fighting, cautious about close relationships. You do not need experience. The most important thing you need to do is focus on education and the ability to work in a team. You will always be with your squadron which is your family, team, and friends. You work together and help each other all the time. Education Required You need a bachelors degree(4 years university). You can also join the United States Air Force Academy(USAFA) which is located in Colorado, Springs. The Air Force prefers you to have aerospace engineering, physics, computer science, chemistry, and other classes may be required. Training The Air Force prefers you to have civilian flight training prior to joining the military. No volunteering required. Salary Starting salary: You receive about $35,000 per year.
5 years: Between $45,000 and $55,000 per year.
10 Years: Over $110,000 per year. Potential For Promotion for Enlisted Ranks Your salary has a lot to do with your rank. Apart from the salary, air force pilots receive housing allowance, insurance, cost of living allowance, family separation allowance and overseas housing allowance. As you dedicate yourself to the military you have the potential to be promoted in rank. For example, the enlisted ranks are earned through performance reports, testing within your career field, air force general knowledge, awarding of certain medals and time in grade and service. Potential for Promotion as an Officer In the air force you obtain promotions based on your performance in your own career field. If you are a pilot you would compete against the other pilots to try to gain a promotion. Potential Employers The lower ranked officers have to salute the higher ranked officers and so on. When you join the military you can choose where you want to go, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, Army, or Navy. After you choose your position and once you are in the military you cannot change your mind and quit, without serious consequences. Options Within the Forces Your rank is important in the military. As you move up in rank, for example becoming an officer the variety of job options becomes less. For example you could be a physician, parachutist, para rescue, judge, military police(MP).
You are legally committing yourself to this career for several years.
You are choosing a career which may require you to harm other people and risk your own life. Related Occupations Some related occupations are aerospace engineering, refueling aircraft, cargo pilots, naval pilots,and other military pilots. By: Bret Booth

THANK YOU Current Need and Future Outlook There is a need for good pilots in the military. There is a lot of pilots in the military but there is a need for skilled fighter pilots.
There will always be a military and they will require to have pilots along with them. the provide important air support for the ground forces.
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