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zimmerman telegram

No description

ryan mendez

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of zimmerman telegram

By Andrew Rojas, Sol Rodriguez, and Ryan Mendez Zimmerman telegram Thesis conclusion the telegram asked Mexico to attack the U.S. and ally themselves with the triple alliance.
Germany promised to help gain all the land Mexico lost in the Mexican-American war, after they won.
Cause of the telegram was to prevent the U.S. from entering the war.
effect of the telegram was that it got intercepted by Britain and brought the U.S. into the war. Germany cont. Britain informs the U.S. of Germany's telegram to Mexico
the U.S. joins the allies, giving them leverage over the triple alliance.
cause of the interception of the telegram was to stop Germany's plans of keeping the U.S. out of the war
effect of the interception is the U.S. joining the allies in the war. Britain Cont. At the end of January 1917, the German government was desperate to break the stalemate trench warfare the Zimmerman Telegram: Bringing America
Closer to War WWI was altered by the Zimmerman telegram after it ignited the U.S. to join the allies in defeating the Triple Alliance. Germany 1916- Germany was fighting a war with France and Britain. Britain The Zimmerman Telegram: The Beginning of the War on March 1st, newspapers published a telegram from the German foreign minister, Arthur Zimmerman, to the Mexican gov., explaining a German-Mexican alliance against the U.S. the Zimmerman telegram changed WWI by sparking the united states to join the allies to defeat the triple alliance. February 1917- German foreign secretary, Arthur Zimmerman, sent a telegram to Mexico. Germany had suspicion that the U.S. was smuggling supplies to allies and did not want them to join the war. the significance of this note was that it brought the U.S. into the war.
if the telegram was never sent, the U.S. remains neutral and Germany possibly wins WWI. WORK CITED 1916- Russia leaves war, leaving Britain and France against the triple alliance. british officials intercept Germany's telegram intended for Mexico. Britain needed more troops and supplies to survive the war. the attacks made the U.S. break relations with Germany and other actions pushed them closer to war. they also announced that it would resume unrestricted submarine attacks the British got their hands on the telegram and it was published widely in American newspapers. the alliance attack against the U.S. would let the Mexicans regain control over Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. Beck,B. Roger et. al. Modern World History Patterns of Interaction.
McDougal Littell.print
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