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No description

Kaetlyn Raile

on 14 May 2010

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Transcript of fgodd

Ferrets 2 types of ferrets domestic and black footed ferret Black footed ferret Domestic Ferret Ferrets can barf, sneeze, hiccup, dream, cough, yawn,and scream

Ferrets yawning Ferrets shouldn't have nuts, sugary foods, dairy products, seeds, coffee, tea, chocolate, alcohol, salty food, and raw egg whites or else they become sick and or fat Seeds Fat ferret Nuts Ferrets will most likely try to kill reptiles, mice, rats, and small animals Sounds:
Bark- loud chirp happens when very excited or scared
Hiss- comes from annoyed, mad or ferret that wants to play rough (sounds like cat but not as scratchy)
Dook- clucking noise comes from very happy ferrets
Whine- low or high cry, comes from injured, wanting attention, or scared ferret
Hissing ferret Ferrets eating mice Scientific name for domestic ferret is Mustela Putorius Furo
and black footed ferret is M.Nigripes
Domestic ferret scientific name means spear-shaped stinky little theif Spear Related to:
otters, polecats, weasels,
stoats, black-footed ferrets,
martens, badgers, and wolverines

Wolverine Marten Badger Speedbump-
if ferret gets bored it will
just plop down on the
ground and lay there
Weasel War Dance-
when ferret gets too excited
and can't control themselves
bounces around, sometimes
flipping over, opens mouth,
and if really having a good
time puff out it's tail
Speedbump Random Facts:
*Ferrets can only see
red and blue
*Ferrets aren't rodents
* Warm blooded mammel
*Typical life span 5-8
years (over 10 years is
very rare)
*Group of ferrets is called
a business
*Have flexible Ribs and can
flatten their bodies

Random Facts #2
*deep sleepers
*can have gray or white
hairs when they are older
*some ferret have a blaze a
white stripe that runs from
forehead down to the neck
*can have a bib a white
coloring on their chest
*look lighter in winter than in
*eat less in hot weather
*highly active for parts of the day
Bibbed ferret Tend to sleep in
uncomfortable positions Sleeping in uncomfortable
Positions Random Pictures Newborn ferrets Jasper,my ferret,
on Easter

Dog breed info center,Org.,
March 24 2010. {http;//www.dogbreedinfo.com/pets/
Hugawoozel.com, April 1 2010, F.S.W., March 23 2010 {http://www.
Horton-Bussey, Claire, 101 facts about ferrets, Milwaukee, WI Gareth Stevens Publishing 2002
McNicholas, June, Ocotober 2002, "Keeping Unusal Pets Ferrets, Chicago, Illinois Reed educatioal & Professional Publishing, 2003

Colors of Ferrets
Black nose: the whole
nose is black
Pink Nose: the whole nose is pink
Brown Nose: the whole is brown
Splotched Nose: nose can either be pink, brown, or black but must have splotches on the nose a diffrent color than the nose
T-outlined Nose:
can be pink, brown,
or black but must have
t-shaped coloring in the
middle of the nose but
diffrent color than the nose
Body Coloring:
4 basic kinds of colors
Sable, Albino, Dark Eyed
White, and silver

White Ferret Albino Ferret
Badger or Shetland Hooded Brown Nose Pink Nose Panda Ferret Blothched
T-Outlined Nose Black Nose Stoat Credit-Google images Credit-Icanhazcheesburgers Credit- Mom's Sony
Camera Chocolate Ferret Credit-google images
and Icanhazcheesburgers Silver Ferret Sable Ferret Credit- google images Ferret Patterns: Mitt, Badger or Shetland
Blaze, Hooded, Roan,
Siamese or Pointed Patterned
Panda, Chocolate, Dark,
or Cinnamon
Cinnamon Ferret Mitt Ferret Blaze Ferret Roan Ferret Siamese or Pointed
Patterned Dark Ferret Credit- hugawoozel.com Credit- hugawoozel.com
and google images Credit- google images Credit- google images Credit- google images Credit- google images Credit- google images Credit- google images Credit- google images Random Facts #3
* Jill female ferret
*Hob male ferret
*most love ice cream
*belong to family called
*claws are nonrectractable
*full grown at 1year old
*old ferrets are 4 to 5 years old
*domesticated for hndreds of
years Credit-google images
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