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Problem Solving: Fence Post

No description

Tiffany W.

on 20 November 2015

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Transcript of Problem Solving: Fence Post

Problem Solving: Fence Post
1. Understanding the Problem
What are the conditions?
2. Plan the Solution
4) Move one yard forward. Move forward again with the measurement of the fence post. (Distance moved is 1 yd + x)

5) Mark the ground each time you add the measurement of the fence post with a spray can.

6) Repeat steps 4 & 5 until you reach the end of the side, which is 12 yards away.

7) Plant the fence posts on the marked ground and attach the railings to connect the fence posts.
1. Understanding the Problem
What is unknown?
1. Understand the Problem
What data or information is known?
2. Plan the Solution
1) Gather materials; writing utensil, piece of paper, and measuring tool. To put up the fence, you'll need nails, hammer, spray can, posts, and the railings.

2) Measure the length of the fence post and record the measurement (x = length/diameter of fence post; depending on shape of the fence post).

3) Measure 12 yards in length and mark each side.

4) Stand at one end of the side, plant a fence post.

The Problem
You will need to build one side of a fence that is 12 yards long. This fence will be built with fence posts and rails that connect one fence post to another. If each fence post is 1 yard away, how many fence posts will be needed for this side of the fence?

How many fence posts will be needed or a side of the fence that is N (where N>0) yards long?
You are working with a side of a fence. The side of the fence is 12 yards long. Each fence post is one yard apart from each other. It is built with connecting rails.
The unknown data is how many fence posts are needed for the side of the fence. It is also unknown of the dimension of a fence post; we do not know the length.
The terrain may present obstacles, such as uneven terrain, rocks, trees, and others. The side of the fence may not line up in a horizontal line. During the construction of the fence, there is a possibility of bad weather conditions that can disrupt the process.
Collaboration by Eric Greene and Tiffany Wu || Period 3
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