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Sent to Li Po as a Gift

No description

Miller Hysong

on 19 November 2014

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Transcript of Sent to Li Po as a Gift

"Sent to Li Po as a Gift" by Tu Fu
"Priest Jakuren" by Priest Jakuren
Miller Hysong, English II

Sent to Li Po as a Gift
Autumn comes
We meet each other.

Why did I chose this wonderful poem?
It has meaning that I understand and it flows together. This poem also mentions the Elixir of immortality. I liked this because it was a connection to my literary book.
Poems message
It was a message from Tu Fu to Li Po. Tu Fu and Li Po were both writers for poems. Tu Fu lived a more strict life style while Li Po was more casual and reckless. Still they still respected each other and this poem was for Li Po from Tu Fu.
Literary Elements
Tu Fu uses repetition when he talks about Li Po. He repeats "You" a lot.
Alliteration is also found in the poem three times. Ex) "sing wild songs"
You still whirl about as a thistledown in the wind
Your Elixir of Immortality is not yet perfected
And, remembering Ko Hung, you are ashamed.
You drink a great deal,
You sing wild songs,
Your days pass in emptiness
Your nature is a spreading fire,
It is swift and strenuous.

Priest Jakuren
One cannot ask loneliness
How or where it starts.
On the cypress-mountain,
Autumn evening.
Why I chose this Poem.
I Chose this poem because it
is about loneliness and every
one can relate. I also liked it
because it mentioned Autumn
like my Japanese poem, which
I thought was interesting
Poems Message
This is
Autumn Moon on the Tama River,
by: Utagawa Hiroshige
Found on metmuseum.org
This complements my poem because it mentions falling
thistle in the autumn and I feel that this picture is what
a thistle falling in autumn would look like in China. For some reason when I read this poem I picture it at night
and this picture takes place at sun fall.
This song is called
"When a Fire Starts to Burn"
by: Disclosure
I chose this song because it talks talks about someones
attitude spreading like fire while the poem talks about Li Po's attitude spreading like fire.
The message is that no one knows where loneliness started or why it
exists. Then it says that loneliness is
like being on top of a mountain on a
cold night
Literary Elements
This Picture is called
Sugawara Michizane at the Mountain Top Praying
By: Ogata Gekkō
Can be found on metmuseum.org

I chose this painting because it is a man alone
on top of a mountain alone. Although he is
praying it looks like he is fighting a battle
with himself; loneliness
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