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Frozen Dinners

all about frozen dinners and a Canadian inventor

L Dunlop

on 28 February 2011

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Transcript of Frozen Dinners

Frozen Dinner's The food that made our life easier Frozen Dinner's have changed the way society thinks towards making dinner Archibald Gowanlock Huntsman created Frozen foods bio By: Lindsey Dunlop Archibald was born on November 23, 1883- August 8, 1973 Archibald was born in Tintern, Ontario Archibald was a Canadian academic, oceanographer, and fisheries biologist. Archibald came up with this idea one day when he was fishing for salmon and he wanted to keep it fresh all day until he got home Dr. Huntsman also served as Director of the newly established Fisheries Experimental Station in Halifax from 1924 to 1928. Frozen foods have changed the way society thinks about making dinner back in the day your mom would be cooking for a really long time to make dinner now we go to the freezer and put it in the microwave, or oven frozen foods are very unhealthy for us but their CONVENIENT In the Past we didnt have the variety of frozen foods as today, frozen foods were based on just tring to keep food longer In the futur i think frozen foods may take over the family dinners instead of actually making dinner we will just have frozen food ... but hopefully it will taste good What would you rather have? Fresh Frozen OR So i'll admit that some frozen food's are good but really fresh is the best :) some good things about Frozen foods are the drinks we can have, and Deserts Businesses like Dairy Queen, and Reids Dairy, wouldnt be in Business In Conclusion i think Frozen Foods should taste better becasue some of them a really gross but it was a good invention because its easy and convenient for people who live alone and for teenagers frozen foods now are crazy you can get everything and anything from turkey dinner for christmas to chicken wings Now here's a quiz to make sure you were paying attention ask yourself this:
what would you rather have; Fresh or Frozen? 1 Who invented Frozen foods?
a)Micheal Jackson
b)Channing Tatum
c)Archibald Huntsman
2.What Businesses wouldnt be in business
if it werent for Frozn foods?
a)DQ and MacDonalds
c)DQ and Reids Dairy 3.What were the main foods in that Video?
a)Steak and Potatoes
b) vegetarian style food
c)fried chicken and whipped potatoes 4. what would you rather have fresh home cooked dinner or a Hungry Man Dinner? THANK YOU : )
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