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Black Feminism

No description

Jenny P

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of Black Feminism

Geoffrey Phillips
Remy Roxborough
Jenny Park

Theoretical and Political
Angela Davis - women, race, and class
National Women's Suffrage Association
Susan B. Anthony
American Woman Suffrage Association
Antoinette Brown Blackwell
Emancipation Proclamation 1863
National Black Feminist Association 1973
Delta Sigma Theta in Women's Suffragette March
- dismantle structure of race, gender, and class domination
- recognition of distinct cultural heritage
- unique valuation of black women
The premise of black feminist thought consists of the personal and political awareness of how race, class and gender work simultaneously as oppressors
Suffragette March
imperialism, capitalism, patriarchy
so patriarchy is removed from its fiscal chair of power, necessity of social constructionism to remedy this, but race remains
critique: no real end game
"among the most compelling documents produced by black feminists"
"what is often seen as the definitive statement regarding the importance of identity politics, particularly for people whose identity is marked by multiple interlocking oppressions"
- Encyclopedia of Government and Politics
"prove to other black women that feminism was not only for white women"
share power with white women and affirm diversity
"fight the misogynistic tendencies of Black Nationalism"
Black Feminism
"the term "black feminism" - balance between genuine concerns of black women against continual pressures to absorb and recast such interests within the white feminist frameworks"
issues raised by black women are not necessarily seen as explicitly "feminist" ones, primarily issues that affect only women, receive much less sanction
conflicts against black religious traditions lead some to distant themselves from social movements perceived as requiring acceptance of homosexuality - "why do I have to accept lesbianism in order to support black feminism?"
many African Americans define black feminism as being exclusively for black women only and rejecting black men - "its tendency to see not only to see not only a distinct black female culture but to see that culture as a separate cultural form having more in common with white female experience than with the facticity of Afro-American life"
In effect, black feminism must come to terms with a white feminist agenda incapable of seeing its own racism as well as a black nationalist one resistant to grappling with its own sexism...finding a place that accommodates these seemingly contradictory agendas remain elusive
Sociology 414 : Feminist Theory
Group Presentation - Black Feminism
Questions or Comments...?
Angela Davis giving a speech
Combahee River Collective
Central Theoretical Premises
Socialist Feminism
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