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If it has wheels...

Billy W

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of Vehicles

Armored Personnel Carriers
Armored personnel carriers are what the name implies; vehicles with heavy armor, designed to bring soldiers into battle safely. Over time, these APC's have gained weapon systems as well.
Lexus LFA
Ever since the motor vehicles have moved across the ground. But whats the difference between a Ferrari, and A Sherman tank? You're about to find out.
Tanks were first invented during world war one. The reason they are called tanks is because they were a very secret project. To cover up the project, they told the residents that the large armored vehicles moving toward the lines were mobile water carriers, or Tanks.
1970 Plymouth Cuda
Since then, Tanks have been getting bigger and tougher to crack. The first entirely tank battle was during world war two. It was an american division led by general Patton versus a german panzer division.
APC's have been in use since World War Two. An ancestor of the modern APC is the Half-Track, used by both Allied and Axis powers.
Porsche 918
560 bhp
250 bhp
Ferrari La Ferrari
Why Come to This Website
880 bhp
Checked daily for viruses.
Get exclusive information about all kinds of vehicles.
Vehicles.com is intended for car guys
Bad comments will be
959 bhp
Planes may have not been around quite as long as cars, but they are still very important vehicles. They were used mainly as transportation or recreational until WWI when they received a more practical use; warplanes. these evolved from WWI to WWII, then eventually modern times. Planes are still used for nonviolent purposes today.
Driving, Driving in my car
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