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all about the planet Mercury

katie schulz

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Mercury

MERCURY CLIMATE&ATMOSPHERE Average Surface Temperature Surface temperature range Atmosphere/Composition GASES Solids Liquids Water 3.4% Potassium 31.7%
Sodium 24.9%
Atomic oxygen 9.5%
Argon 7%
Helium 5.9%
Molecular oxygen 5.6%
Nitrogen 5.2%
Carbon Dioxide 3.6%
Hydrogen 3.2%
The average surface temperature of mercury is 167 degrees celcius The teperature range on Mercury is -184 degrees celsius to 427 degrees celsius MEASURMENTS
& GRAVITY MYTHOLOGY OTHER FACTS SPACE EXPLORATION MASS & DIAMETER Mercury's mass is 3.30 x 1023 kg which is about 1/20th the size of Earth Mercury's diameter is 4880 km. GRAVITY Mercury's gravity is 38% the gravity on Earth, so if you weighed 100lbs on earth you would weigh 38lbs on Mercury
Mariner 10 was from the USA. It was launched on November 3, 1973 and arrived on March 29, 1974. It flew over and around Mercury and took 10,000 images covering 57% of the planet. It is
currently in Solar Orbit
MARINER 10 Messenger's is to study Mercury's Surface and Space Environment. It was launched by the
USA on August 2004 and will arrive on March 2011. It will do flybys and orbit Mercury. It will study Mercury from orbit for one year. MESSENGER In Roman and Greek mythology Mercury(Hermes) was the messenger god to Jupiter(Zeus), he was also the god of games, business, and story telling. Mercury is the first planet from the Sun
Mercury has no moons
No life could be found on Mercury
Mercury is .39AU from the Sun
The temperature can range from -184 to 427 degrees celcius
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