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LAN Based Sales and Inventory System using Barcode for Royal Mart

No description

Bryan Lumagbas

on 11 March 2014

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Transcript of LAN Based Sales and Inventory System using Barcode for Royal Mart

LAN Based Sales and Inventory System using Barcode for Royal Mart
Cabrera, Rhonel J.
Lumagbas,Bryan G.
Manalansan, Jim M.
Evangelista, Sean M.
Royal Mart Store is located at Vicsente Cruz, Manila and was established in the year 2010 by Mr. Carlo Roy Baguisa.
The company is a general merchandising enterprise that caters wholesale and retail trading.
In addition the company has over 1000 products available and has warehouse capability.
Furthermore the company is being operated by 4 personnel's including the owner himself.
Company Background
Problem:With manual Sales and Inventory System....
Inaccurate Sales and Inventory Reports.
Slow and erroneous sales transaction.
Reports does not have definite schedule.
Unable to monitor near expiry product from the newly delivered products.
Inventory monitoring takes a lot of time.
Inability to monitor product mobility.
To develop a module that will minimize the time spent in handling sales and inventory transaction's by incorporating a Point of Sale(POS) with barcode technology and Purchase Order Management.
To provide a real-time feed of the products that are near expiry, on its critical level and which products is fast and slow moving.
Objectives of the Study
To generate reports for the company in order to keep track of all the transactions done in a particular period.
To test and evaluate the effectiveness of the system and acceptability by gathering feedback from the prospective users and technical experts.
The project will now be able to monitor the sales and inventory of the company and the mobility of there products.
Faster sales transaction with the use of POS(Point of Sales).
Accurate generation of reports.
Handle returned products easier.
Scope of the Project
The project cannot identify defective products.
It cannot accept credit card for the customer's payment.
The system will not provide an automated payroll for the employees.
Limitation of the Project
The project will not keep record of the cutomer details.
Only authorized personnel can access.
DFD of the Existing System
Diagram 0 of Existing System
Context Diagram of Existing System
DFD of Proposed System
Context Diagram of Proposed System
Diagram 0 of Proposed System
Child Process 5
Child Process 8
Child Process 7
System Framework Proposed
Software Design and Development Approach
RAD (Rapid Application Development)
Users and analysts meet to identify objectives of the system and identify requirements arising from the objectives.
Requirements Planning Phase
User Design Phase
Users respond to actual working prototypes & analysts refine design modules based on user responses.
Construction Phase
Programming and coding the application system is done in this phase.
Implementation Phase
Aspects are agreed, built and refined. New system is developed, tested and introduced.
Related Literature
Point of Sale (Smith, n.d.)
A Point of Sale (POS) is a system for managing the sales of retail goods. In the retail trade, the “point of sale” is the moment when a customer walks up to a counter with goods and prepares to purchase them.
Transaction Processing System (Uy, 2012)
Transaction processing system is a program or software that processes all transactions that go in and out of a business or a company. The system goes over the transactions one by one, like in an automated teller machine (ATM) that permits only one user at a time.
Sales and Inventory System (Henderson & Media, n.d.)
A sales and inventory system is an efficient way to track inventory it is an imperative component to a small business successful operation.
Barcode Technology (“Barcode Technology”, n.d.)
Barcode Technology works of off a principle called symbology. Symbology at its basic form is what defines the barcode; it determines the mapping and interpretation of the encoded information or data.
Database Technology(Jeffrey, n.d.)
The essential feature of database technology is that it provides an INTERNAL Representation (model) of the EXTERNAL world of interest.
Review of Related Systems
This section should present the features of the related systems that were beneficial for the proposed project. These are the related systems that were available in the market or systems that have been implemented in a company.
Silver Inventory Sytem
Online Sales and Inventory System for Floor Center Company
LAN-Based Sales and Inventory System for Angelo’s Coco Lumber and Construction Supply
GigaTrak’s Inventory Management Software
Thank you for listening to our presentation
Hope You Enjoy It

System Framework Existing
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