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Vasco da Gama timeline


Shreyans NIST

on 2 April 2010

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Transcript of Vasco da Gama timeline

A G A M A 1460 Vasco Da Gama was born in Portugal. 1487-88 Bartolomeu diaz, from Portugal, Enters Indian Ocean after rounding Cape of Good Hope. D 1494 Pope Alexander VI divides the world
outside Europe to Spain,
which gets the west, and Portugal,
which gets the East. July 1497 Da Gama starts his jorney with four
ships, the Sao Gabriel, the Sao Rafael,
the Berrio and a storeship December 1497 Da Gama passes the furthest
point reached by Diaz March 1498 Da Gama reaches Mozambique
on African Eastern coast. May 1498 Da Gama reaches Calicut in India Kerala A.K.A. Calicut September 1498 Da Gama leaves India
and sails back to home. Da Gama
Cape of
Hope and
the Atlantic. March 1499 Sepetember 1499 Da Gama Returns to
Portugal to a big
Celebration for his
achievment Welcome back Mr. Gama! 1502-4 Second voyage of Da Gama to India . 1510 Portugese capture
Goa in India December 1524
Vasco da Gama dies in Cochin, India Tomb of Da Gama
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