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Attachment Style and Social Media

No description

Brianna Hall

on 7 May 2015

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Transcript of Attachment Style and Social Media

Our Question: How does the amount of social media usage (specifically Facebook) and interaction correlate to a person's self-specified attachment style?

Our Hypothesis: If the participant does not post frequently on Facebook, there will be a correlation to the survey stating that they have a secure attachment style.
Research Question and Hypothesis
"Get Attached"
Relating topic to popular culture of our generation
Our generation has more ways of connecting and forming relationships
technology usage
social media (Facebook, online dating, etc.)
Thoughts Behind the Research
Possible confounding variables:
had to be friends on Facebook which made the group less random
some people did not have a Facebook
only looked at one type of social media
more people with secure attachment style
Possible Influences
Variables: attachment style and Facebook usage
Participants: 38
Conduct attachment style survey
Decipher attachment style each person associates with
Look at how many times each person posts on Facebook within fixed interval (beginning February 1st)
Look at correlation between attachment style and number of Facebook posts
Attachment Style and Social Media
Brianna Hall, Daniel Whitmore, Jacqueline Griffin, Samantha Dechand, Sarah Fader, and Serena Pounds
Results Explanation
Males: 16 participants
Secure > 82%
Avoidant > 12%
Anxious > 6%

Female: 21 participants
Secure > 54%
Avoidant > 47%
Anxious > 0%
Interesting Findings
We found that on average people with secure attachment styles posted on Facebook more
Secure attachment style
mean: 7
median: 3
mode: 0, 2, 3
Avoidant attachment style
mean: 3
median: 2
mode: 0, 2
Anxious attachment style
mean: 2
median: 2
mode: 2
Our results did not support our hypothesis
Future Research
Levine, A. , & Heller, R. F. (2011). Get Attached. Scientific American Mind , 21(6), 22-29.

OZAD, B. E., & UYGARER, G. (2014). Attachment needs and social networking sites. Social Behavior & Personality: An International Journal, 4243-52.

*Different demographics of people
>gender/sexual orientation
>socio-economic standing

*Expanding to different social media
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