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Shakespeare's World

No description

Rebecca Heath

on 8 August 2016

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Transcript of Shakespeare's World

Shakespeare's World
Shakespeare's Personal Context
His life experiences....
1. When and where was he born?
2. What level of education did he complete?
3. What was the occupation of his parents?
4. Who did he marry?
5. How many children did he have?
6. When did he move to London to write plays?
7. Describe what Shakespeare looked like in 2 sentences.
Shakespeare's Historical Context
Anne Hathaway's Cottage
This is an example of a typical middle class house.

Shakespeare's wife grew up here.

Write down 5 points about what the cottage looks like.
Shakespeare's Social Context
Shakespeare's Cultural Context
The culture of Elizabethan Society was divided between religion and superstition
Queen Elizabeth I was Protestant schools taught the official religion of the monarch at the time.
if you didn't follow the right religion- torture, imprisonment or execution would happen.
adhering to the wrong religion could mean risking your wealth, freedom and life.
Superstitions dated back to traditions and beliefs in old magic, mystical properties and herbs and animals.
Females were accussed of Witchcraft and being Witches.
Blamed unexplainable causes on witches e.g. plagues, bad harvest/crops, fires, unexplained death.
many beliefs were irrational and caused through ignorance and fear.
Role of Women
The Elizabethan Era
1558- 1603
Named after the period of time English monarch Queen Elizabeth I ruled.
During the Tudor Period
England was relatively peaceful
Music, theater and art was encouraged.
Farmers and trades people flourished.
People built bigger and better houses.
5 quick facts about Queen Elizabeth I
1. She was a virgin and never married.
2. She was the illegitimate daughter of King Henry VIII.
3. Young when she became Queen.
4. Proud and clever and surrounded herself with educated people.
5. Made England safe again after her sister Mary had destroyed it with war.
Status- Class Structure
mostly all females wanted this
with parental permission it was legal at 12
accepted member of society
could start a family
single females were sometimes regarded as witches and could spend time in a nunnery.
Showed a person's status
laws dictated what which materials and colours people could wear based on their status.
higher status meant you could wear richer materials and colours.
varied according to status and wealth
meat was a sign of wealth
feasts and banquets were elaborate and visual.
food was molded into strange and unusual shapes.
wine and ale was consumed in large amounts.
Watch the video and name 3 things about Elizabethan feasts
Place the occupations into the
correct place on the diagram.
Some superstitions
"God Bless You"
Black cats
seventh son of a seventh son
peacock feathers
touch wood
don't walk under ladders
shoes on the table
spilling salt or pepper
Protestant or Catholic ?
Can you think of any other superstitions you use today?
The Globe Theatre
Built by William Shakespeare and his theatre company- The Lord Chamberlain's Men.
It was burnt down and rebuilt because of fireworks used during a production.
The more important your status the higher you sat. The Monarch (Queen) sat up the very top while the commoners stood in the mud on the ground.
Inside the Globe Theatre
Outside the Globe Theatre
Theatre in the Round
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