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Cammie Gorrie 2w1

No description

Inveralmond chs

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of Cammie Gorrie 2w1

THE William hill Scottish cup 2013/14
north and south stand
£35 per person, east and west
stand £28(adult) £10 children
what is the Scottish Cup?
The Scottish Cup is football tournament
which is played every year. 4 non-league teams
are introduced into the competition to play head to head
with other teams. the premiership teams are safe until a later stage of the cup. The winners of the cup goes through to the Europa league, but however, if a team has already qualified for the Europa league or Champions league the runners up goes to the european competition.
The current holders of the Scottish Cup is Celtic after winning against Hibernian 3-0 in 2013
Important information
Queens park used to be dominant winners of the
Scottish cup, but now it is more even.

4 non-league teams can enter.
premiership teams are not added in the competition
until a later stage.
The final is usually played at Hampden but is going
to be played at Parkhead this year in Glasgow!

what if a team is already qualified for europe
what is the Scottish cup
the Scottish cup is a competition played every year for Scottish teams
to try and win a big title, the league cup is known as the mini cup
because it is no
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