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Bang Bang Baseball

No description

lis lab3

on 28 May 2015

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Transcript of Bang Bang Baseball

Bang Bang Baseball
By Adam And Matt
baseball was invented in the 1830's
during the Civil War.People used a stick
and soft ball.
Baseball began in America. People
played in a wide field. Now it is
played on a baseball field with a
partly dirt infield and a grass

The goal of baseball is to hit the ball as far as you can when it is pitched to you. Depending on how far you hit it you will get on either 1st base 2nd base 3rd base or home. when you get home you get one run(point) your team needs to score more than the opponent.
Some equipment you need is a bat to
hit, a glove to catch with,a helmet to
protect you when your hitting, and a
hat to block the sun. Also sports
sunglasses if you want to keep the
sun out of your eyes.
Some words you need to know to play this sport are,
Strike, ball, balk,Bunt,Batters Box,Double Play, Fielders
choice, Force Out, Infield,Outfield, Inning , ground rule double, first, second, third, home run, single, double, and triple.
Famous Players

Adam's player is Barry Bonds. He was a left fielder for the San Francisco Giants and the Pittsburgh Pirates and was the number 25. He is 6.1 and about 190 lbs. His father is Bobby Bonds and his cousin is Reggie Jackson. He was born on July 24,1964 in Riverside, California. e has the most career home runs out of any MLB player ever. He has 762 home runs. He went to Arizona State University. When he retired in September of 2007 he was put into the MLB Hall Of Fame.

Matt's player is Derek Jeter. He was born in
Michigan. He was number 2 on the Yankees.
He was one of the 28 to get 3,000 hits in
his career. Retired in 2014.
Yankees Are
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