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haile middle school engineering curtis hostetler

makeing signs and business

curtis hostetler

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of haile middle school engineering curtis hostetler

Coreldraw Business Card Science Mathmatics Engineering Tecnology text on curve we even get to make are own thing too at school we get to use a program called"coreldraw". when we are done makeing it on the computer we get to use the laser. we load the creation to the laser's computer and put the wood or plastic in the laser then you start it up and it lasers out the design that we want and we would not be able to do this without Justin Erickson dtman this is my fins that i make to laser out the text on curve
project is when you
make your own
keychain when we have free
time, we can make
something that we
like sometimes we have to make
something for a project like
when we did the water rockets The Business Card was a project that we made for fun that we started close to the begining of the year. being a leader is what every one needs to be. when there is a leader there will be a follower in public or on internet.
under is a video of leadership that you should watch. 3rd Q exam project http://dmeducation.net/cswa__cswsa-fea__cswp_certification

for the people that will try to pass the solidworks certification test, go to this website and it will help a lot.
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