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powerNomics chapter 2

No description

Alphonse Williams

on 17 May 2011

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Transcript of powerNomics chapter 2

How to illustrate chapter 2
PowerNomics resolve: In this chapter we will be learning how to overcome this monopoly. Also in this chapter it will include: -The keys to empowerment
-distored perspectives
-Out-of-the-box- thinking
-following thw Majority
-Vertical integration
- Conclusion first detailing the keys to empowerment there are four keys that makes up this section In this section it explaind culture. Culture is the essential empowerment tool for black American. All its reaaly saying is the sulture can either make you or break you. Its your choice. 1. an empowered culture the second key to empowerment(a group vision) functions to provide a clear collective destination & a sense of how it should be achieved. basically a little push to help and encourage around the way 3. ethno-aggregation &
4. vertical integration in this section it has two supportive powerNomics paradigms that can function as windows through with blacks veiw of the world is further refined. these two paradigms are here to formulate, design, and engineerto further shapeand guide black people's behavior in the 21st Century. So get your act together. Distorted Perspectives what exactly does distorted perspective mean? How does it still apply to blacks today? what are we blinded by? Distorted perpsective basically means (in the text) to be blind from what os really happening around you. That what you see as normal is not normal (im talking about race and empowerment wise of coarse). now that i've given you a little empowerment , you will have to answer the question in the text. trying to find a way to empower and overcpme this unfair monopoly in out black community. In this chapter, we will be learning how to overcome this monopoly game. 2. A group vision Out-of-the-box-thining In this passage, the title is the meaning. Explaining that we shouldn't think in one old circle, we should expect something different from what we've been getting. In the passage, it stated "its been said that the epitome of madness is to do the same thing over and over while fully expectingthings to somehow change. we spent centuries seeking civil rights and social acceptance while our conditions remain relatively fixed. ethno-aggreagation The ethno-aggreagtion is just a behvior used everyday by religious, gender, ethic and spanish speaking groups. to break down this word, the culture of these groups emphasizes that members rally around common characteristcs or attributes (ethno) in order to pool their collective resources (aggreagtion) and compete with non-group members. Vertical
Integration Vertical integration is a directional paradigm that comes into play after Blacks as a group have ethno-aggregation around their most common and prominent characteristics.This is an important part of the whole packet because it helps empower blacks to be territorial and vertically mobile. It helps us put a little bit more money in our pockets. sources Anderson, 1/26/2001
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