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Alexandra Tucker

on 17 May 2015

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Transcript of ALBERT FISH

Albert Fish
Grace Budd
Albert Fish posted this in a news paper: "Young man, 18, wishes position in country. ," and waited until someone answered. Fish, visited the Budd family in Manhattan, New York City under the pretense of hiring Edward Budd. He introduced himself as Frank Howard, a farmer from Farmingdale, New York. When he arrived, Fish met Budd's younger sister, Grace. Fish promised to hire Budd and said he would send for him in a few days. On his second visit he agreed to hire Budd, then convinced the parents, to let Grace accompany him to a birthday party that evening at his sister's home. Fish left with Grace that day, but never came back...
Francis X. McDonnell
Francis X. McDonnell, was playing on the front porch of his home on Staten Island when his mother saw an older man walk by. Later in the day, the old man was seen again, but this time he was watching Francis and his friends play. He then called Francis over and they disappeared.
Francis' body was found in the woods near where a neighbor had seen Francis and the old man going earlier that afternoon. He had been assaulted and strangled with his own suspenders. He is the only one of Fish's confirmed victims that wasn't eaten. Francis was 8 years old.
William (Billy) Gaffney
Billy Gaffney was playing in the hallway outside his family's apartment with his friend Beaton when both boys disappeared. Beaton was later found on the roof of the apartment building. When he was asked where Billy was he said "the boogey man took him."
Albert fish was identified by a man who saw him on a trolly with an 4 year old boy crying and asking for his mother. He was then identified as Billy Gaffney.
Billy's mother visited Fish in Sing Sing to try and convince Fish to tell her where her sons body was. Fish then gave her great detail as to what he did to her son before and after his death. Fish never told her where the remains were located.

Information about his crimes.
His method of killing was strangulation and stabbing usually followed by the cannibalization of the victim.
He admitted to three murders that police were able to trace, and he confessed to stabbing at least two other people. He also claimed to have
"children in every state."
It is not known if he meant rape or cannibalization. The exact number of his victims is still not known, (they aren't even sure if he told the truth), but is believed to be up to 100.
Albert's Characteristics: Sex pervert, including cannibalism, coprophilia, urophilia, pedophilia, masochism, and sadism.
The names of Albert
The Boogey Man
The Gray Man
The Werewolf of Wysteria
Brooklyn Vampire
Albert Fish's Early Life
Albert Fish was the youngest of 4 children. He was born in 1870 as
Hamilton, but after the passing of a sibling, he chose the name
Albert (the name of his dead brother). He changed his name due to the teasing he under went. In 1875, his father died of a sudden heart-attack, leaving them with nothing. Out of destitution, Fish's mother sent him to an orphanage where he underwent cruel & unusual punishment. In time, he began to gain sexual pleasure from the beatings, thus introducing his sado-masochist ideals that he succumbed to as an adult.
Members of Albert's family were known to have mental illnesses, such as religious mania. He also had a rough childhood and was subjected to and witnessed various acts of torture. This leads psychologists to believe that the root of Fish's problem was Genetic and Environmental

In 1882, age 12, Albert entered into a homosexual relationship with a telegraph boy. The youth introduced Fish to acts such as drinking urine, or the
Coprophagia fetish
(taking sexual pleasure from fecal matter).
In 1890, Albert came to New York City and became a male prostitute. Fish confessed that during this time he had been raping young boys. To quiet the rumors, his mother (who by that time was back in his life) arranged for him to be married to a woman 9 years his junior. After having six kids, his wife left him for another man. He was a phenomenal Father and later grandfather, but he later said that at the same time, he had other feelings for children. As he grew older, he
"lusted for their blood".
At this time,
The religious-mania came into effect.
Many times, he

would take his children with him to a mountaintop and scream:

With age, his
got worse, and
eventually extended to his own children.
He encouraged his own children and their friends to paddle him till he bled, often using a paddle that was studded with inch-and-a-half nails. He also inserted a large number of needles into his body, mostly in the genital region, and burned himself constantly with hot irons. On night of the full moon, his children later testified, Fish would consume huge quantities of raw meat.
Over the years, he carried around several works on cannibalism with him at all times.

The Insanity
Information about his crimes

His Victims:
In the beginning of his crimes he usually targeted african americans and the mentally disabled in the belief that they would not be missed. Later on his victims were all young teenagers or children and were usually male.
Crime Scene:
For the Grace Budd Murder he used an abandoned house. Pieces of Graces skull was found outside behind a stone wall along with the tools he used to cut her up. He attempted to keep blood from getting on him by removing his clothing. He used a paint can to prop up her head to cut it off. The paint can caught most of the blood and after wards he dumped the cans contents out the window.
Grace Budd's disappearance started a widespread search through New York City that fall, particularly when the detective and the family went to the media with the story.
A couple of months after Grace vanished, even the most dedicated investigators -- with the exception of Will King -- had given up on the case as hopeless.
The Conviction
King and the Bureau later intercepted a violent and disturbing letter in the mail addressed to the Budd Family. They had finally found Albert. A squad was sent to Fish's house where they waited for 3 days for Albert to make an appearance. Fish was brought in for questioning, where he admitted everything.
Before he ever turned to murder, Fish was examined several times by psychiatrists at Bellevue but he was always released and judged “disturbed but sane.”
After being tried for Grace's murder he came to Sing Sing prison in 1935 carrying a Bible. Dozens of appeals to save Fish were rejected and he was scheduled to die on January 16, 1936. As his appointment with the electric chair grew closer, Fish told reporters that he was looking forward to his execution. "It will be the only thrill I have not tried."
General Information
Serial Killer: Someone who murders more than three victims one at a time in a relatively short interval.

Mass Murderer: A person who is responsible for the deaths of many victims (three) in a single incident.

School Shooter: A person who partakes in gun violence(A firearm being discharged) At an educational institution.
Serial Killer Profile
Most serial killers conduct their killings within comfort zones.
Some serial killers have a preference of a certain group as prey
Approximately 90 percent of known serial killers are Caucasian males between the ages of 25 to 35
serial killers usually come from dysfunctional families and possibly abused as a child.
Serial Killer motivation
Neglect and abuse in childhood by peers, or adults have been shown to contribute to an increased risk of future violence.
Substance abuse can lead to increased aggression and violence.
There are documented cases of people who suffered severe head injuries and ultimately become violent, even when there was no prior history of violence.
After his capture, Fish would blame the conditions of his childhood where he was fist introduced to torture and humiliation for his crimes. "That place ruined my soul."

At age 55, he became prone to hallucinations and delusions, and he claimed that "god ordered him to hurt the children".

This plus his family's mental disorders may have played the largest roles in his crimes.

His wife leaving him could have triggered him to escalate to murder.
Fish's Reasoning

Albert Fish's personality
According to one of his childerns testimonies, Albert Fish began acting odd after his wife left him for another man.
Albert Fish was on average to low intelligence and was considered more of a handy man
He was able to maintain employment, and was seemingly normal.
When Dr. Fredric Wertham First met Albert Fish he was surprised how meek, gentle, benevolent and polite he was.
Mass Murderer Motivation
School shooter profile
Shooters are almost exclusively male and most are white.
Many school shooters also expressed intolerant attitudes towards racial or religious minorities.
They may be bullied or teased and have their masculinity threatened.
They usually have relatively easy access to weapons.
Traditionaly school shooters are not popular.
Most mass murder cases are motivated by vengeance.
Ideologically motivated, and usually involves acts of terrorism.
Mass Muderer Profile
There are three basic categories for Mass Murderers.
family annilhilators
– target family members, usually in a home setting.
– see themselves as military types, have a fascination with firearms, and frequently plan their offense with some detail.

set-and-run killers

– who murder more remotely (i.e., with bombs or poison) so as to remove themselves from the crime scene before the murders occur, and allow for the possibility of escape.
Mass Murderer Profile
Mass Murderers can be disgruntled employees, or people angry at the government
Mass murderers tend to kill out of anger, jealously and many other reasons.
School Shooter Motivation
Bullying is one of the main motivations for school shooters.
Other reasons can be intolerance of religion or race.
Possible anger towards a teacher or group of teachers.
Anger towards the school itself
Mental illness
How do they choose their victims?
Traditionally they choose their victims by who or what has angered them. Be it a place, a group of people, or just one person. They can chose their victims based on gender, religion, race, etc.
While it is more so rare, some have just gone out and killed people at random.
How do they choose their victims?
A student school shooter usually chooses their victims based on whether or not they partook in bullying them, they were jealous of them or if they got along
If it is not a student shooter then they usually choose students at random.
The victim may have "symbolic" value for the killer; method of killing and the appearance of said person may reveal this meaning.
Generally, serial killers select victims based on certain physical or personal characteristics the victim has.
How do they choose
their victims?
Self Harm
Albert Fish claimed to have stuck several needles in his pelvic region because he liked the pain of it. He said he started out putting them in and just taking them out but soon started putting them so deep that he couldn't take them out. When he started complaining of pain in the genital region the guards did not believe him. After awhile they finally caved and took a X-Ray to find over 29 needles lodged into him.
Early Signs
Pain had a pleasurable effect on Albert Fish from an early age after being exposed to it in the orphanage, both inflicting it on others and having pain inflicted on himself. So much so he would get erections while being beaten in the orphanage.
Victims thought to be his
After chasing several dead ends, they finally caught Fish. They were able to catch him because of the paper he used when writing a letter to the Budd family. In this letter he explained what he did to the victim. The kind of paper he used was specifically sold in a certain store near where he lived.
Emma Richardson, age 5, 1926
Yetta Abramowitz, age 12, 1927
Emil Aalling, age 4, July 13, 1930
Robin Jane Liu, age 6, May 2, 1931
Mary Ellen O'Connor, age 16, February 15, 1932
Benjamin Collings, age 17, December 15, 1932
Albert Fish

Classification: Serial killer
Characteristics: Sex pervert, including cannibalism, coprophilia, urophilia, pedophilia and masochism
Number of victims: 3 - 10 +
Date of murders: 1924 - 1934
Date of arrest: December 13, 1934
Date of birth: May 19, 1870
Victims profile: Francis X. McDonnell, 8 / Billy Gaffney, 8 / Grace Budd, 10
Method of murder: Stabbing with knife - Strangulation
Location: New York, USA
Status: Executed by electrocution at Sing Sing Prison in New York on January 16, 1936

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