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Brianne Gonzalez

on 19 June 2015

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Transcript of Frankenstein

Mary Shelly & The Era of Romanticism
Man vs. Self
Man vs. Society
Man vs. Nature
Victor challenges one of the most powerful, destructive forces in the world: nature
He alters the human understanding of the natural world when he takes materials from a dead person and combines them to create living matter.
Is punished by nature through the monster
When the monster commits heinous crimes, Frankenstein feels blameworthy for the actions of his creation
Monster is symbolic is of Frankenstein's guilt and his karma for messing with nature
The creator resents his creation; he claims that the monster destroyed his happiness, but in truth, Frankenstein resents himself.
The monster is a reflection of the young Frankenstein's good heart and the life before his misery. Like the way Victor was corrupted, he feels the need to reject his creation and corrupt the monster as well.
Frankenstein once took serenity in nature, but as the monster unleashes evils into his life, beautiful scenery becomes a constant reminder of Frankenstein's sin and his misery.
The Creature/ Monster†
In the Novel...
Victor Frankenstein's creation
Has no name but referred to as "daemon" by his creator as well as other foul names
8 feet tall with sickly yellow skin and strong physique
Learns languages and social rules by reading literature like John Milton's
Paradise Lost
and watching local villagers (Agatha, Felix, and De Lacey)
He is smart, sensitive, and good (unlike he is portrayed in movies), "I was benevolent; my soul glowed with love and humanity" (Shelley 102), but overtime, he turns into a vengeful bitter creature: " I am miserable and they [mankind] will share my wretchedness" (Shelley 102).
Victor Frankenstein
Son of Caroline and Alphonse Frankenstein
Mother died when he was young
Loves to study philosophy to get a deeper understanding of life
Created the Monster
He is repulsed by Daemon; shuns him
Grows ill often; has to do with emotional health (stress)
Once hopeful: " " Victor turns bitter; his view of life drastically changes do to the Monster's destruction: " "
Henry Clerval
Son of a Genevan merchant
Generous and kind (Shelley 20)
Brings joy and tranquility (Shelley 37)
Took care of Victor Frankenstein when he became ill
Loves nature
Victor's good friend
Sympathetic and selfless:
"Henry rejoiced in my [Victor's] gaiety, and sincerely sympathized in my feelings: he exerted himself to amuse me, while he expressed the sensations that filled his soul" (Shelley 45)
Brianne Gonzalez
Glorieanne Lara
Katherine Maldonado
Katrina Paglinawan
Lauren Wells
P. 5

Elizabeth Lavenza
Justine Moritz/Alphonse Frankenstein
Little Freak
Friend/servant of Frankenstein family
Very grateful to them
Cared for greatly by Frankensteins - very close to them
Brought into family specifically by Elizabeth
Accused of murder
"Very clever and gentle, and extremely pretty" (Shelley 67).

Adopted daughter of the Frankenstein family
took care of Caroline Frankenstein when she became sick from scarlet fever
a very kind, happy girl
"She [Elizabeth] indeed veiled her grief, and strove to act the comforter to us [the Frankenstein family] all " (Shelley 41).
always tries to bring the best out of Frankenstein and others
Frankenstein's future wife
born on August 30, 1797
daughter of Mary Wollstonecraft and William Godwin
Mary Shelley married the poet Percy Bysshe Shelley
had a great relationship through marriage and literary works
Between the years of 1815-19, three of her children died
Frankenstein was based off a dream
-late 18th century- mid 19th century
-Imagination and many emotions are included in Romanticism and the novel
-Romanticism was included in
various of times
-Victor Frankenstein and his creation often enjoyed spending time outside in nature because it relaxed them.
Father of Victor Frankenstein
Has close relationship with Victor and rest of children
Comforts Victor when he is ill
Constantly worries about Victor
Monster tries to associate with people but is rejected by them because they fear him
Monster starts out as kind and understanding but is turned bitter and filled with hatred
Wants to avenge all of humanity for being cruel to him

By: Mary Shelly
Frame story in first person point of view
Victor Frankenstein and his family
Ignolstadt university and a tragedy
Interest in philosophy and chemistry
Fascinated with life= Creates a being similar to himself in two years
Victor realizes he created a monster
The monster lives alone in nature and observes a family
Meets the family and is rejected by them
Decides to look for the person who created him in Geneva
Saves a girl= gets shot
The monster's feelings change towards humans
Monster arrives in Geneva and wreaks havoc on Victor and his family
Victor against himself
Feels remorse for all of the heinous crimes the monster committed.
Influenced to create life because loss of mother
Anger towards the monster is a reflection of the anger he feels towards himself for being a "failure" when really, the monster was successful, despite his outer appearance
Captain Robert Walton
brother of Mrs. Margaret Saville
inherits his cousin's fortune
Has a deep desire for a friend:
"I [Walton] desire the company of a man who could sympathize with me; whose eyes would reply to mine. You [Margaret] may deem me romantic, my dear sister, but I bitterly feel the want of a friend" (Shelley 4)
Sails to Russia
Rescues Victor when he was found in freezing water
Becomes good friends with Victor
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