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UB Resident Advisor Training

No description

Stacy Spencer

on 19 April 2018

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Transcript of UB Resident Advisor Training

Ice Breaker
Building a solid community
Ask yourself these questions…….

Will my residents like living here?
What will make my floor fun?
What has been my worst experience living in a dorm, or being an RA?
How could I have made it different?
What fundamental/essential components are needed in order to have a successful/solid/good community?
Fundamental aspects of a community
Setting – How does my floor look?
Shared experience – Students need to feel like that they are experiencing the same thing you have experienced
Communication – Encourage students interact with one another and share who they are with other residents
Respect – A fundamental appreciations for one’s person and personal belongings
Trust – Trust in other residents to do the right things, trust in community leaders to set the tone and show others how to lead
Refer to RA Binder Tab 1: Housing
Campus Map
Drop-Off: Sunday at 6:30pm
Pick-Up: Thursday at 5:30pm
Floor Map
Unoccupied Rooms

Scenarios/Role playing
Refer to Training Tab 2: Rosters

Service Learning Project
Classroom Schedule
Tutoring Groups
Career Counseling
Miami Tour
Tab 5: RA Activities

Move from Tab 4 to Tab 5
2 RA Activities/Clubs (Due Sunday)
Weekly RA Schedule
Career Counseling
RA Binder: Student roster tab
Lunch Time!
Campus Center

Please refer to your Summer Residential Component Training for the rest of the training session

Welcome Rollins College Upward Bound
Resident Advisors!
"Something In Common"
Refer to Tab 3: Forms
Role of an RA / Tab 4: Training
Team Building Activity
Procedures and Duties
Meals/Class Escorts
Afternoon Activities/Clubs
Common Room (Basement)
Evening Activities
Boys and Girl Club
UB Prom
Procedures and Duties Reminder...
Group Sign-in/Sign-out
Pick-up/ Drop-off
Early Dismissal

Procedures and Duties Continued...
RA Progress Reports
Dorm Curfew

RA Responsibilities
Ethical Standards for Staff
Head RA Duties
Emergency Procedures
Dorm Rules
Dorm Inventory Sheet
Dorm Sign In/Sign Out Example
Class Progress Report Example (Jessica)
Authorization for Alternate to pick up students
RA Activity Template
RA Schedule
Role of an RA / Tab 4: Training Continued...

Roommate Agreement
The Conflict Resolution
Roommate Mediation
Final Activity
So you want to be a RA?
RA Progress Report
Incident Report
General Consent Form
Group Sign-in/Sign-out
Pick-up/ Drop-off
Early Dismissal
The Island!
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